Rabbit Hole (Season 1) Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Previously, ‘Rabbit Hole’ on Paramount+ showed John Weir trying to make use of Valence’s comms to get closer to Crowley. On the other hand, Ben decided to make use of Edward Homm for this mission. Besides, Hailey was revealed to have stolen money from her previous, morally corrupt, wealthy employer. Anyhow, after getting caught in a money laundering billionaire’s lavish villa, they all managed to get out safely with some new information about Intraverse.

The latest episode reveals the recent whereabouts of John Weir’s past associates. While still on the lookout for Valence’s caller, John makes some new, shattering discoveries.

Spoilers ahead.

Rabbit Hole (Season 1), Episode 5 Recap: Who is Tom?

Episode 5: Tom

In the first episode, when John Weir (Kiefer Sutherland) was talking with employees, he mentioned that ‘Tom’s coming up.’ Turns out, Tom is not a person but a name for their operation after faking their deaths in the fire. He tells them to change their identities and move to a different location since the man he is going after (Crowley) would kill them if found. He also shares his suspicion that the Intern Kyle (Walt Klink) is a plant.

So, they plan to send Kyle far away for a food order and then stage their deaths. Later, the news catches John’s stunned reactions outside the building, and he believes that he was unaware of this. Back then, Ben (Charles Dance) raised his suspicion about Kyle working for Crowley and wanted to shoot him before the matter could go out of hand. John did not want to take Kyle’s life, believing that he might just be working for Jo Madi (Enid Graham) or the FBI. Unlike Ben, John was persistent in following the plan as per his vision.

In the present, John manually calls every single number from Valence’s records to find out something suspicious. Hailey (Meta Golding) interrupts him to apologize for not telling the truth about stealing from her ex-employer. But seeing him paranoid over Valence’s death, she asks whether he is doing this only because he can’t get over his friend’s death. He gets vulnerable about how close their relationship was. He says how Valence was the only person he was always truthful with, which meant a lot since casually lying was a part of their job.

Hailey envies that he had someone like Valence whom he could call his home. John understands her attempts at building trust with him. Once they get over their friendly ruminations, she says that Homm (Rob Yang) wanted to show him something. Homm reveals that Intraverse, in total, donates to about 141 candidates from different political organizations. So it is difficult for him to trace a single person.

John sees it as an issue due to a lack of a team and decides to call his employees. Ben continues to oppose it and keeps emphasizing how they need to stick to their plan. Ben does not want to risk getting exposed. While he keeps drinking from a bottle of alcohol, John calls a number that is supposed to alert Cara (Jorja Cadence) to regroup and join him as they had planned. Meanwhile, Ben goes inside the washroom to look at the wound on his body. Until then, we see nothing about how he got this wound.

On the other hand, Jo Madi continues her search for John’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, she cannot get help beyond a certain limit because of orders from Officer Rasche. So, she decides to do what she can on her own. Jo Madi manages to get inside the house of John’s ex-wife, Liv Bonen (Alexandra Castillo), expecting her to spill some beans about John. She invites herself in and notices a wine bottle in the kitchen. Moreover, she reads out the label – Figeac, which rings a bell. Then she goes out to look at the records to find that Cara had purchased it before her death.

In the flashbacks, we see John looking at the same wine bottle while Cara tells him that she isn’t sure what she should do with it. Perhaps that’s why he decided to give it to his ex-wife. Later, he took out samples of all his team members’ DNA, from their hair to their teeth, to stage an unmistakable match.

What does Edward Homm find out about Intraverse?

Homm suddenly rushes into the room, elated by his new discovery. Looking at him being over the moon, Ben makes fun of him for how killing a security guard had made him feel like an MI officer. Anyhow, Homm now makes some new discoveries about individual employee donations. He looked at the executive-level donations and found that the vast majority of the individual donations were directed to just one PAC – the American SOS committee.

From that, he found out that they regularly contributed to only one politician – Senator Nora Evers of New Jersey. While she hasn’t announced that she is running, Homm strongly believes that she will.

Suddenly, a bomb explodes inside the room and makes it impossible for Homm to hear anything thereafter. Still, John, Ben, and Hailey take him out of the room and start running away while evading the sudden attack of these hunters. Unfortunately, one of them hit Homm on his arm and injure him. When the hunters throw a smoke bomb, Ben asks John to make a lot of noise and create a distraction. That’s when Ben shoots a hunter and manages to get everyone out to the car.

John, still in shock by this attack, stops in the middle of a road. Ben keeps persuading him to see that Valence exposed their secrets and addresses to all their safe houses. He keeps distrusting everyone, including Hailey. Anyhow, he worries that Homm will lose his arm if he is not treated in time. They soon get to another safe house, and Ben himself starts stitching Homm’s wound.

Meanwhile, Jo finds it strange that Cara bought expensive wines and emptied her wine fridge right before her death. She believes Cara had an idea that she was going to die soon after. However, Rasche stops her from pursuing this matter any further. Anyhow, Officer Anna reveals that Cara’s cell phone received a burner phone just a few hours ago. Madi surmises that it was Weir.

Who was Valence’s last caller?

To ease Homm’s pain while stitching his wound, Ben asks Hailey to get some ice. So, she walks outside and notices that John is still calling on every single number from Valence’s phone record. She enters his room and says that Ben need not manipulate him. John, however, believes in the possibility of Valence having exposed them.

After Hailey leaves the room, John calls another number and hears the phone ringing somewhere nearby. So, he runs out to find out that Ben’s phone is ringing. John realizes that Ben was the last person to talk to Valence. Ben clarifies that he did not tell Valence to jump down the building. By then, Hailey notices the motel manager dead and alerts John & Ben about the hunters. So, they all start running, still unsure about what made these hunters aware of their locations.

Rabbit Hole (Season 1), Episode 5 Ending Explained

Can John reach his old associates? What does Jo Madi learn about them?

The four enter another safe house, and then John starts questioning Ben once again. Ben says that he wanted to warn Valence about The Intern. Before that, he decided to take Kyle’s life himself despite John warning him against it. When Kyle went out to get lunch for John’s employees, Ben followed him. Soon after cutting his girlfriend’s call, Kyle sensed that someone was following him. So, while Ben followed him with a gun, he attacked Ben from the back and then stabbed him with a knife.

Kyle notices the visiting card in Ben’s wallet for DBA, i.e., John’s company. A car passed by them just then. So he ran away and called his superior to say that their secret was out. So, as per the next orders, he went back to his office, surprised John’s team members, and shot them dead. Ben reached there late and could only see Kyle dragging their bodies toward the elevator and throwing them down.

However, Kyle wasn’t remotely aware of John’s bombing plan and thus stayed next to the scene. In the present, Jo Madi walks up the same office building as per Cara’s phone’s location. She learns that their bodies are still under the elevator.

Did Valence turn on John Weir?

Ben says that he wanted John to focus on their mission and not be distracted. That’s why he did not tell him about his team members’ deaths before. However, he called Valence to warn him that he might be the next target. Valence told Ben to shut up and let him think. Then, when John arrived at his office, Valence said his last words to Ben – ‘You tell him (John) I had no choice.’ That’s how Ben learned that Valence had turned on them.

How were the hunters locating John’s team?

John gets shattered learning about this, and Ben tries to console him. By then, Homm notices that the same hunters are again outside the safe house. John says that he knows what is revealing their location. When the hunters enter the house, one of them finds the bottle and realizes that they figured out about the bottle. John starts driving away with Ben, Homm, and Hailey to find Crowley. To do that, he decides to meet Senator Evers and ask her. On the other hand, we see how the death of Cara and others still haunts Kyle, the Intern.

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