Florida Man (Season 1) Recap, Ending Explained & Themes Analysed: The idea for ‘Florida Man’ came from the Florida Man memes, as one would suspect. With many cases involving native men engaged in absurd actions, the meme format became viral in no time. Now this new Netflix limited series, created by Donald Todd, is filled with similarly absurd scenarios happening in this Sunshine State. Much of the show’s reasoning for such incidents is -‘Well, that’s just the way things happen in Florida’

The story follows Mike Valentine, an ex-cop, ex-gambler, and ex-Florida resident, who returns to his hometown after years. He carries emotional baggage from his past since he did not leave home on good terms. However, during his time there, he experiences a sense of catharsis while trying to find his boss’s missing girlfriend.

Jason Bateman, who is one of the show’s executive producers, said in an interview that he wishes people to like Florida Man just as much as they liked Ozark. A few aspects of Florida Man are indeed similar to how the series deals with the family drama. However, the script heavily relies on the Florida-ness among everything to sail its ship.

Spoilers ahead.

Florida Man (Season 1) Recap

Episode 1: The Realest Goddamned Place on Earth

Mike Valentine (Edgar Ramírez) is in dire straits due to his gambling debts. He lost his job, his wife Iris (Lex Scott Davis), and everything he held dear to him. To pay the debt off to gangster Moss Yankov (Emory Cohen), Mike works for him on some small chores. It involves him driving Moss’s girlfriend, Delly West (Abbey Lee), to and fro. As a part of his work, he also hits on crooks who owe Moss. One of them is Gil Franco (Nick Basta), and he threatens Gil to pay Moss at the earliest.

Soon after, Mike meets Iris, who returns her engagement ring. Eyeing for promotion at her police job, she asks him to share some inside scoop on Moss. Mike refuses to help her at the time. Later, he drives Delly back from her dinner date with Moss. During the drive, Delly flirts with Mike, and we get a glimpse into their interest in each other. She asks him not to return to Moss and instead to keep driving all the way to Florida. Mike does not want that. He reveals that he is from Florida and does not intend to return. She warns him that being loyal to Moss wouldn’t help him. He will remain stuck doing his duties. But Mike still refuses to drive to the Sunshine State.

The next morning, Mike wakes up in his bed to a call from Moss. Moss says that Delly has disappeared. Mike reaches Moss’s house and learns that Delly ran away with the new BMW Moss gifted her. Moss also found out that she is most possibly in Florida. So, in exchange for finding Delly, Mike cuts a deal to get a part of his debts forgiven. They shake hands on it. Mike reaches Florida and steals the gun of Deputy Ketcher (Clark Gregg) – who had traveled there with his family to Disney land.

Mike books a room at Palm’s Motel, managed by Benny (Isaiah Johnson). He goes to a beach to relax and notices a woman drowning in the water. He saves this woman only to be accused of molesting her. She says that he removed her top. He goes back into the waters to retrieve it but finds a shark swimming there. Then he finds himself in a hospital bed where his sister, Patsy (Otmara Marrero), visits him.

Mike learns that a shark biting him has become viral news. It mentions him as a ‘local man.’ So, once he returns to his room, Moss calls him to ask why he kept this a secret. Mike says it won’t cause any problems in his search. He then goes to meet Officer Andy Boone (Paul Schneider), who feels indebted to Mike’s father for giving him his job. Mike asks Andy to help find Delly. Andy says the outdated computer systems would not help him with any criminal records. At night, he has dinner with Patsy’s family. She asks him whether he has returned for good. On the contrary, Mike is set on returning to Philly once he finds his boss’s girlfriend.

Later, Andy chips in with some help for Mike. But Iris refuses to provide any from her side. Mike soon notices Delly at a shop and then entering a car with a man. So, Mike calls Moss to get all his debts forgiven. Moss, being an incompetent gangster, fails to negotiate with him. Then, Mike follows Delly to a house and then hears a gunshot. He goes in to find Delly lying in a pool of blood. Next to her, he finds a gold coin. It reminds him of ‘the coin’ that started his interest in gambling.

Mike gets hold of her phone and tries to find who might have killed Delly. He starts panicking, knowing she is no longer alive. In the news, he sees a man’s photo as a first responder for a stolen ambulance incident. Now, even more confused, he starts looking for clues at other places that she visited. Meanwhile, Andy gets a sketch of the person who was at the scene of the crime besides the first responder. The sketch shows Mike holding a gun. So, Andy goes to meet Mike’s father, Sonny (Anthony LaPaglia), to warn him about it. Sonny confirms that Mike is not involved in it. But it does not satisfy Andy. He thinks that Sonny is purposefully saving his son from an arrest.

Meanwhile, Iris tells Mike that Gil’s boat is in Florida and asks for his help to find out more details about it. Mike reaches out to Kaitlin Fox (Lauren Buglioli), a local news reporter who is ambitious to get a better job and leave the town. Mike offers to give her an exclusive investigation scoop in exchange for the footage of the stolen ambulance. She accepts the deal and shares the footage. He sees that no one was inside when the ambulance was found. So he is even more confused about where Della is.

Sonny comes to Mike’s motel to warn that Andy is onto him. Mike, however, was confused about how the scene was all cleaned and how Delly disappeared without a spot of blood. Bewildered by this, he returns to his room to find the door open. He looks inside to find Delly lying on his bed, pointing her gun at him.

Episode 2: Welcome to Hell, Mike

Turns out, Delly staged her death with Jason Monroe (Nick Arapolglou), the first responder from the stolen ambulance case. Jason was an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) whom she met in a bar in Florida. At the time, he injected something into her body to make her heart slow down and make others feel like she was dead even though she wasn’t. Then he was supposed to drive her away in an ambulance. However, she only recalls waking up in an ambulance later and running away before the police could catch her. She saw a guy whose car crashed into the ambulance, stealing it and running away.

Mike tells Moss that Delly has died. Back in his room, Delly reveals to Mike the reason is in Florida. Earlier, she overheard Gil talking about a treasure worth a million dollars in central Florida in a truck. However, neither Moss nor she found it in that truck. Since she knew about Gil’s boat, she wanted to look for it for a clue or for the treasure of gold coins itself. Since Mike still has feelings for her, he decides to help her find this boat. Meanwhile, Iris’ superior does not let her follow Gil’s case.

Florida Man

Meanwhile, another Florida man shoots a shopkeeper. While running away from the scene of the crime, he throws his gun into a pond of water. It falls over a crocodile’s body. Coincidently, Ketcher’s son finds it and gives it to him since Ketcher is miserable about losing his authorized gun. Later, Ketcher gets pulled over by a cop who notices that the gun in his possession was used for murder. So, instead of spending time with his family in Disneyland, he goes to prison.

Meanwhile, Mike gets hold of Gil’s boat. But he tells Delly to go somewhere safe because if Moss finds out she is alive, it won’t be good for either of them. She says that she won’t leave Mike no matter what. So, Mike gets his mission extended to finding Delly’s killer. Later, Delly goes to the ambulance crash scene by herself and looks at the items that were thrown out after the accident. She luckily finds the USB key that she had stolen from Moss’ safe.

Iris calls Mike to know about Delly since she was at the dinner with Gil on the night he died. Mike does not reveal anything. Later, she is taken off Gil’s case since Mike, her ex-husband, is considered to be a suspect in Gil’s murder. Meanwhile, at Mike’s home, he asks Patsy to get some details on Jason, who is currently in the ICU at the hospital where she works. She wants him to form a stronger bond with Sonny in exchange for that favor. Mike refuses to do so because of his old grudge against Sonny. Later, during his search for gold, he stumbles upon a sinkhole. He surmises the truck is underneath and calls Delly to tell her about it. At the time, she is at Sonny’s seaside restaurant.

Episode 3: The Chain

Delly thinks that Mike won’t help her with finding the treasure. That’s why she goes to meet Sonny, hoping he will help her with the treasure. She hides from Mike that she met Sonny. Mike decides to make use of Patsy’s naïve husband to learn about the sinkhole. He reveals that it will soon be filled with a layer of concrete, and anything underneath will pretty much stay as it is. Mike learns about low security around the place, which involves just a guard keeping an eye out for the activity around. He meets this security guard – Steve (Stephan Jones) and bribes him to operate a crane to take out a truck and leave the place unauthorized for an hour.

Later at night, Mike drives to the sinkhole to find Sonny and his two ex-cop buddies, Buzz (Mark Jeffrey Miller) and Ray-Ray (Leonard Earl Howze). They ask to split the gold, if found, five ways (three of them, along with Mike & Delly). Mike refuses to do so, and to end their argument, Delly offers to pay $50 million to these three ex-cops. Buzz dives in to find a Porsche underneath.

Mike gets angry at Della for telling Sonny about this sinkhole. He did not want to get his father involved in this or give him any share. Delly gets angry at him and says that he would not have found out about the gold if not for her. Then, Mike reveals how Gil learned the information from him during their common anon meeting. Mike told about it in confidence, but Gil decided to take advantage of it. Anyhow, they plan to recover the truck by dissuading the security from finding them.

Back in Philly, Moss shares Delly’s obituary in the papers and holds a memorial service for her. Iris attends it despite no invitation and gets intel on Mike – how Moss believes Mike is behind the murder since he drove her back from the dinner. Since Iris went there against the orders, she needs to reason her side with her superior. She reveals the possible connection between Gil’s boat & Delly and gets permission to go to Florida herself for an investigation. By that time, Moss’s sister, who works in the FBI, meets him during the memorial. She is still angry that, after their father’s death, he became the successor. So, she belittles him.

The next night, Delly becomes bait for Eric, who is in charge of the church next to this sinkhole. It creates a distraction for him until Mike & Sonny go in to recover the truck. Inside the church, Eric makes Delly confront her dark past. She soon gets out of that guilt trip and asks him to give her a cookie, as he promised earlier. Then, she looks into the next room to find an old man tied by ropes. She gets petrified. Eric notices her seeing the chained man and says that he is his father.

By then, Stephan (paid and tipped off earlier by Mike) gets out of his cabin to operate the crane. But before that, Buzz says something about the gold, which makes him stay back. One thing leads to another, and the chain connecting Mike to Buzz falls down in the water along with the dead Stephan. Meanwhile, a guy gets caught trying to escape prison to find the plan for his next robbery. Deputy Ketcher uses the same route that this man entered to escape the prison!

Episode 4: One More Day

Stephan hears about the gold and feels cheated for getting negligible pay to get Mike’s truck out. In his argument with Buzz, he, unfortunately, gets shot and falls down in the water. But now, this means that the crew does not have a crane operator. Mike gets angry at Sonny and leaves the site. He returns there with some things from the motel to clean up the bloody mess (Steven’s murder droplets on the crane). Until then, Delly takes care of the matter by diverting the cops’ attention toward the child trafficker Eric from the church.

The next day, Mike goes to his father’s seaside bar. They argue about the night before and speak about their next course of action. Meanwhile, Moss sends a man working for his father named Dutch (Ritchie Coster) to tail on Mike. Dutch goes to Florida, to the Palm’s motel, and finds out Mike’s room number. Dutch knocks on the door, and Delly opens the door. He says that he is looking for Mike. She recalls seeing Dutch with Moss and gets scared that Moss will now know that she is alive.

Later, Dutch notices a man passing by the motel and asks Moss for additional details about Mike’s appearance. Moss shares some vague details. But Dutch still gets suspicious that this person is Mike and decides to follow him.

By that time, Iris reaches Florida and decides to use Patsy to get details about Mike’s plans. But Patsy realizes the trap and refuses to share any details. Instead, once Iris leaves her house, she calls Mike to warn him about it. Through flashbacks, we see a few scenes from Mike and Iris’s tour, where he wasted his night gambling instead of spending it with her. Back in the present, Iris reaches the dock and finds Gil’s boat. After speaking with the dockmaster, she learns that a man threatened him to get access to Gil’s boat’s keys. She asks to look at the security footage and finds out that the man is Mike.

Mike goes to Patsy’s house and tells how the EMT Jason’s death is necessary for him not to get caught up in the murder attempt of Della. While driving away, he notices a man following him. Until then, he does not know that this man is Dutch. So he calls Sonny to know his details from the license plate. Sonny calls Andy to help him with it. But Andy refuses to help since he is certain that Sonny lied to him about the person in the sketch not being Mike. Besides, earlier, his wife also told him to stop doing things out of the burden of Sonny’s favor.

Florida Man

So, neither Sonny nor Mike knows about it. He drives up to the Sonny’s to find Delly there. She reveals Moss’s man is on the lookout. Mike understands that the same man is following him. He drives to the sinkhole and notices Dutch parking his car. Instead of killing each other, Mike manages to cut a deal with him for five grand. He uses their mutual disregard for Moss to lure him into it. By then, Sonny sends Ray-Ray to take care of Dutch. So, Mike locks Dutch inside a portable toilet to keep him safe from getting killed. During his argument with Ray-Ray, Dutch lights up his lighter, and the toilet explodes.

On the other hand, Deputy Ketcher runs away to a laundromat and steals some clothes. He begs the owner for mercy when she finds him stealing. He then runs away to find the person who stole his authorized gun.

Episode 5: Please Don’t Wake Up

The episode gives a glimpse into Delly’s past. Her father, Arthur, died without leaving her or her mother any money. Delly thought that her father died due to suicide, but her mother believes that he was killed by a mobster named Bogdan Yankov, i.e., Moss’s father. She goes to his house to find out that even he has died. That’s when she met Moss and got into a relationship with him. One day, she learned that Moss went for a job on the same night her father was killed. She decided to shoot him dead but stopped herself. However, she got access to his safe by using the dumbest possible password – MOSS to get the USB key. It has photos of Moss’s criminal activities in the past.

In the present, Moss travels to Florida to trace down Mike. He goes to the Palm’s motel and attacks Benny since he refuses to share Mike’s room number. In the motel’s swimming pool, he speaks with a kid with a gold coin. The kid reveals that he found it inside Mike’s room. Benny and his sister, Clara (Sibongile Milambo), get worried for their well-being. Since Benny refuses to take any action, Clara calls Mike herself to speak about something important.

On the other hand, Iris reaches Sonny’s bar and meets Delly. That’s when she realizes that Delly is alive. Delly refuses to share any details about Moss or why she faked her death. So, Iris clicks Delly’s photo to blackmail her. Delly then shares her alibi from the night Moss died and reveals that she was with Iris’ ex-husband, i.e., Mike. However, knowing what Iris can use against her, Delly offers to share contents from Moss’s USB key that can help Iris take down his entire operation.

At the time, Mike enters a building with Sonny, Buzz, and Ray-Ray to keep the gear they need for their operation covertly. He hears some sound outside and notices a man entering with pizzas and doughnuts. Mike understands that this might be due to some sort of meeting for addiction and says that he and Sonny have come in to attend. He signals Buzz and Ray-Ray to do their work, but silently. Then, with his father, he enters the meeting.

Mike begins with something inconsequential and reveals his identity. The moderator says that it is an Al-Anon meeting – meaning he should not have revealed his identity. Soon after, this moderator guy overhears some loud noises. While he is on his way to look for it, Mike stops him by saying his mother died. He ends up sharing the heartbreaking story of how his mother had cancer but seemed to be on the path to recovery. Then suddenly, she shot herself using his father’s gun, who was a police officer. Mike, aged 13, also had to clean up the mess so that his sister wouldn’t have to see this gruesome death. However, what hurt Mike, even more, was his father’s indifference toward her death.

Then Sonny decides to clear up the story from his side. He says how his son was not aware of the terrible mental state his mother was in and how she kept asking him to kill her instead of suffering through enormous pain. Unlike what she said, Sonny says that she was not actually getting better. He reveals that Mike finding her was merely a coincidence since he was not supposed to be home at that time. They both get emotional by opening up about their past grudges toward each other.

Outside this building, Delly arrives to get their room’s keys. She reveals that Iris is in the town and how she (Delly) was trying to reach him, but he did not pick up any of her calls. At the time, Delly was not aware that Iris bugged her bag and was overhearing their conversation. Once Delly leaves, Mik calls Iris and goes to meet her. He says that he only found rifles with no rifle cases in Gil’s boat. That’s when he gets a call from Clara, who reveals that a suspicious man with a smell of Vicks VapoRub is looking for him. She does not want any trouble and to get deported.

Mike gets even more confused but understands that Moss is in the motel. By then, Delly returns to the room but cannot find Moss’s USB key anywhere inside the room. She does not know that Clara found it while cleaning the room and took it with her.

On the other hand, Patsy spends her day with Jason’s mother, who sits next to Jason on life support. Patsy finds a bond with her as a mother due to her struggle to connect with her own daughter. Eventually, she notices that Jason’s brain stopped working, but his heart is still pounding. The doctor says if a miracle happens, he can survive. But Patsy does not want that since it would end up incriminating Mike for Delly’s murder attempt. So, she smothers Jason with a pillow.

Episode 6: Should We Talk About the Corn?

While Delly is already worried about the lost USB key, Moss enters the room. Since she is in Mike’s room, he also questions her about their relationship. She confronts Moss about killing her father. By then, Mike returns to the motel, and Clara reveals that she and Benny were told to take care of the motel by the actual owners. But they left and never returned. So, the siblings started to run it as their own illegally and are hoping to get the documents sorted to get its possession.

Mike gets hold of the next room to enter and attack Moss. But Iris snatches him away and takes him to her car. Then they overhear Delly and Moss’s dialogue from inside the room. Delly tells Moss that she wanted to use Mike only to get hold of the gold. Since Moss killed Gil, she could not contact him. She makes Moss see how he can use this money to build his empire instead of getting taunted for using his father’s fame and fortune. She says that she loves him and can kill Mike after finding the gold.

Since Iris bugged Delly without legal permission, she cannot use the evidence. So, Mike offers to help by designating him as her authorized party. He promises to get Moss on tape so that she can use it later. While still suspicious, she decides to give him this opportunity. Meanwhile, Kaitlin Fox goes to the police station to speak about Mike impersonating a federal officer. Andy overhears it and decides to help her with the details. Together, they crack the case of how Sonny was involved in bringing drugs from the water route.

Kaitlin thinks that Mike was involved in it due to its connection to Philadelphia. But Andy mentions Buzz as a more possible suspect. Anyhow, she gets her news while he gets a clearer picture of Sonny’s crimes. Later in news, she speaks about Mike as a murder suspect by showing his sketch with a gun. Deputy Ketcher notices it on the TV and realizes it is his gun. Meanwhile, Andy learns that the license plate Sonny asked him to run was the same guy who died in the porta-potty.

Delly calls Mike to meet somewhere. Knowing she is with Moss, he invites her to Sonny’s. Moss reaches there, intending to surprise and scare Mike. While that plan fails, he still plans to shoot Mike dead. Mike manipulates him into thinking that he knows where the gold is. Since he tries to get some details out of Moss, Delly gets suspicious that she might be bugged. She flushes it down the toilet. While Mike succeeds in distracting Moss from the gold’s actual location, Patsy’s dumb husband, Deacon, arrives there. He reveals that Sonny is Mike’s father and talks about their dinner later. So, Moss invites himself there with Delly.

Sonny tells Mike that he will ask Ray-Ray to take care of Moss’s nuisance. Later at night, Moss continues with his attempts to scare Mike and maligns Delly’s image in his eyes. Delly notices it and approaches Mike. He reveals his suspicion about her. During their dinner, Patsy reaches her boiling point and takes out her anger on Mike for leaving her alone and repeatedly lying to her. She confesses to killing Jason and also shares her regret about an affair and her lack of interest in Deacon. Unfortunately, her daughter overhears her speaking about this affair.

Florida Man

Later, Mike walks out to his car and removes the tracking bug from underneath, attached by Iris. On the way, he throws it in some random truck and misdirects Iris. Meanwhile, Iris gets a call from the dockmaster about an activity near Gil’s boat. She reaches there to be confronted by Ray-Ray and Buzz. In the gunfight, she gets shot. Mike gets pulled over by the police because of his sketch in the news. While getting handcuffed, Mike notices Sonny driving past him.

Episode 7: Sunk Costs

We get a peek into a tale from 1715 (the same one that Gil told Moss), where a Spanish Captain lost all the gold in his possession to a storm. Back in the present, Sonny gets arrested right after Mike does. In the prison cell, Mike confronts Sonny for getting him arrested. Sonny says while that was a part of his plan. However, he got arrested since Andy ratted out him for the porta-potty incident. Mike accuses Sonny of wanting to steal the gold while leaving him high and dry. Sonny fires back by noting some bad blood from the past.

Soon after, Moss bails out Mike and gets him to join Delly to get hold of the gold. At the time, Mike firmly believes that Delly is working against him. Meanwhile, Andy meets Sonny to tell how he has connected the dots to expose Sonny’s dirty secrets. Turns out, Sonny was using his boat to get the drugs in Florida and was distributing them with the help of some small-time crooks with the help of ambulances.

On the other hand, Mike takes Delly and Moss to the sinkhole. Though taking it out was a four-man job, he saw no other option but to do the work by himself. When he gets the truck out, he, unfortunately, finds nothing inside. Moss starts laughing at him and threatens to shoot him dead. The moment Moss gets distracted, Mike attacks him. They engage in a brawl, and Mike keeps trying to get his gun. Moss retrieves it, but the next moment, Della shoots him dead.

Mike still remains suspicious of Della’s intentions and believes that she is working against him. By then, Deputy Ketcher finds Mike and asks him to return his gun. But Delly reveals that it is used for a murder, which will implicate him if returned. So, with Mike’s help, he finds the bullet that went past Moss’s body. Then he helps Mike to get Moss’s body inside the truck, and then they sink the truck down the water. By then, the dockmaster notices Iris lying on the dock, unconscious. He calls Mike but cannot reach him. Soon after, she gets hospitalized and gets treated for the wounds.

Florida Man (Season 1) Ending Explained

Does Mike choose to return to Delly or Iris?

Once Deputy Ketcher leaves, Mike falls into a conundrum about who he should choose between, Delly and Iris. On one hand, he sees his recent love and the plans they had made to leave with the gold. Since the gold is not in the truck, he also gets suspicious that Delly only wanted to use him to find it. On the other hand, he recalls his ex-wife and how he betrayed her trust by wasting his life by gambling away his money and sanity. He wants to make things right and give her the recording of Moss’s confessions. So, he chooses to return to Iris in the hospital.

Who actually stole the gold?

Then, three weeks later, Iris joins hands with Moss’s sister to take down Moss’s empire. Back in Florida, Patsy and Deacon start living separately for a while. The owner of the Palm’s motel returns to take back the charge from Benny and Clara. Since Benny does not recognize her, it raises another suspicion. Did they never know the actual owner of this motel? Maybe just another freaky-Florida thing. On the other hand, Kaitlin gets the promotion she wanted and moves to the Washington department.

Sonny is stuck in the orange county prison due to his arrest. Mike notices news about Buzz getting killed while hunting snakes. Then he goes to meet Sonny and reveals certain clues that prove that Sonny stole the gold without his or Delly’s notice. Mike realized how Sonny kept distracting them in other directions since he wanted gold for himself. Sonny accepts that he wanted the gold and stole it, but more than that, wanted Mike to stay back in Florida for a longer period. That’s why he engaged in all the charades – to make him suspicious of Delly and for him not to want to leave Florida with her.

In the end, who gets the gold?

Despite knowing that Sonny stole the gold, Mike has no idea where it is at the moment. So instead, he decides to look for Delly – the same person that Sonny did not want him to be with. Mike looks at the GPS of Sonny’s boat online and travels towards it with his boat. He reaches there and gets inside the cabin to find a painting of Delly, among other things. Mike also sees the coin that Moss had thrown at him before his death. In anger, he starts kicking around and finally gets a look at a stash of gold coins. Suddenly, Delly surprises him and asks whether he has come there for the gold or for her.

It is clear that, at the end of the limited series, Delly and Mike have the gold. But the question brings up another factor that has followed Mike throughout his life. What is his motive behind doing anything? Is it money, or is it a person he cares about? Who will he choose this time? Despite the moral dilemma, he finally is a rich guy with a moral dilemma. So now he can afford to be miserable without thinking about earning. Yet again, will that much gold satisfy his hunger? Or will he keep being greedy or start gambling? If he came only to spend time with Delly, it would imply that he was looking for contentment with what he had.

Florida Man (Season 1) Themes Analysed

Dysfunctional Family

Florida Man follows different kinds of parent-children relationships and how it impacts the entire lives of the next generation. Moss kept feeling pressured for not reaching his father’s level. He was always mocked for not being as perceptive or intimidating as his father. On the other hand, the leading man – Mike, started walking on the path of greed like his father. Sonny looked at the gold, while Mike looked at gambling – where nothing satisfied their cravings. Besides, Sonny’s pattern of lying made Mike have severe trust issues. Patsy also bears the brunt of Sonny’s distance while suffering through grief over his wife’s death.

Florida State as a Character

Florida Man is obsessed with the idea of the strangeness of the Sunshine State, as the Florida Man memes suggest. It is filled with strange scenarios to show this absurdity. There’s the motel that does not care about punctuation in its name (as Mike keeps repeating, it should say Palms’ and not Palm’s Motel). A cop miraculously finds every one of his guns involved in a crime. A man dies due to methane inside a porta potty.

However, besides these illogical and irrational circumstances, the limited series also focuses on the characters’ relationship with it. Deputy Ketcher hates how Florida brought him to his knees while otherwise being a respected officer. Mike wants to be done away with Florida for good and refuses to stay there for longer. Sonny and Patsy want him to stay there despite all that comes along with living there. Through all of that, we get the creators’ love-hate relationship with this place.

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