After creating a mind-blowing autobiographical one-man show, Baby Reindeer, multitalented star Richard Gadd is all set with his new project in collaboration with HBO and the BBC. Richard Gadd’s upcoming series, titled Lions, will be made under the creative dominance of Gadd, as he will create, write, and executive produce the upcoming drama series. However, it’s not clear if he will also star in this series, like his previous project, Baby Reindeer. The 2024 Netflix series was also written and created by Gadd himself. As for Lions, it is unclear if it is similarly autobiographical as Baby Reindeer, but the series will feature Gadd’s native Scotland in the spotlight.

What is Richard Gadd’s upcoming project ‘Lions’ all about? 

Richard Gadd’s upcoming series, Lions  Synopsis, states, “When Niall’s estranged ‘brother’ Ruben shows up at his wedding, it leads to an explosion of violence that catapults us back through their lives.”

Spanning almost forty years from the 1980s to the present day, this ambitious series will cover the highs and lows of the brothers’ relationship, from their meeting as teenagers to their falling out as adults, with all the good, bad, terrible, funny, angry, and challenging moments along the way. It will capture the wild energy of a changing city—a changing world, even—and try to get to the bottom of the difficult question… What does it mean to be a man?

The project is being made under a partnership between the BBC and HBO. According to Variety, Gadd’s latest project first began developing at the BBC in February, two months before Baby Reindeer’s streaming premiere. Additionally, the BBC has a history of teaming with HBO on co-productions. Gadd said in a statement,

“Ordering an HBO box set of ‘The Sopranos,’ ‘The Wire,’ or ‘Oz’ and watching it from start to finish were some of the happiest moments of my childhood. Since then, it has always been a dream of mine to work with HBO and be part of their iconic roster of shows. I am so grateful to [HBO drama head] Francesca Orsi, [HBO drama senior VP] Kara Buckley, and [HBO drama VP] Clint LaVigne for taking this chance on the show and on Ruben and Niall too who – despite growing up in a dead-end Scottish town – would be absolutely pinching themselves at this! I cannot wait to get started.” 

The cast for Lions has not yet been revealed, but production is expected to begin soon.

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