Directed by Gleen Ciano, “Secrets at the Museum” is a 2023 TV movie featuring the likes of Chelsea Vale, Jonathan Lipnicki, Dominique Swain, Forest Quaglia, Hope Blackstock, Eric Lutes, Scout Lyons, David Gere, and more. The movie chronicles the story of Natalie Freeman, who takes the reigns of her beloved Museum following her father’s death. Things take a dark turn when she learns that most of the paintings in the museum are fakes and can tarnish Natalie’s family name if the news makes headlines. Now, Natalie must uncover the true culprit while devising a strategy to protect her family’s reputation.

Secrets at the Museum (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The movie revolves around the Freeman Museum, one of the city’s most famous and prominent museums. The museum is credited for making the careers of many artists. The owner, Robert Freeman (Eric Lutes), is devastated by the loss of his wife, who died in a car accident. Sadly, the death of his wife distanced him from his daughter Natalie (Chelsea Vale). Following the death of his wife, Robert threw himself into work, leaving Natalie to fend for herself. Natalie, too, moved to a new city to get far away from her father and the Freeman Museum. Years later, Natalie receives an alarming call informing her that her father is hospitalized. Natalie temporarily moves in with her father until he fully recovers. Robert is a workaholic, and despite his doctors’ advice, he visits his museum daily, preparing for its 20th anniversary.

Robert also bridges the gap between himself and Natalie and apologizes for not caring for her when she needed him the most. Subsequently, Natalie takes up a job at the museum to help her father prepare for the gigantic event. The day arrives, and clients and artists flood the museum for its 20th anniversary. Unfortunately, when everything seemed to be going well,  trouble ensued. Danielle informs David that one of his paintings is an absolute fake.

She further confirms that her friend has just brought an original and has all the necessary documentation to back her claim. This is a significant problem since the Freeman Museum had built its reputation on displaying only authentic pieces of art and claims that a false painting will severely damage that image. The situation escalates when Robert suffers from another heart attack and dies, leaving Natalie to care for his beloved museum.

Why Did Alex Hate the Freeman?

Following his first heart attack, the doctors gave Robert some emergency tablets to consume in case he suffered another attack, which he kept in a pendant. Surprisingly, the night Robert died, he wasn’t even wearing a pendant, hinting at some misplay. Natlie’s boyfriend, Alex (Forest Quaglia), distances himself from Natalie after finding out that she’s Natalie Freeman- the daughter of Robert Freeman. Natalie goes back to the city to clear the air, but he has already cleared out his space and left. However, he had left one painting for Natalie- her portrait that he had been working on for weeks. But why did Alex break up with Natalie?

Secrets at the Museum (2023)
A still from Secrets at the Museum (2023)

Alex’s father was an artist who spent his entire life looking for validation from the big shots like Freeman, but he never got it. Broken and betrayed, he turned to alcohol and drugs and eventually died broke and a bitter man. This is the reason why Alex hates the Freemans so much. He believes them to be no-good rich douchebags who don’t really care about art. One night, Natalie is suddenly attacked in her study by a masked stranger. Natalie tries her best to fend off the attacker but fails. After a while, we see Alex walking into his home, hurting from a slash wound, hinting that he’s the one who attacked Natalie and stole the portrait he made for her.

Are the Paintings at the Freeman Museum Fake?

Alex learns from Danielle that “Cantor,” one of the most famous paintings, is a  fake. Moreover, she also reveals that her couple of other paintings are also fake. Danielle advises Natalie to take this issue to the cops. But the latter requests some time and decides to probe on her own. Meanwhile, Alex’s sister, Harper (Scout Lyons), drops his painting at the Freeman, hoping to get her brother some much-needed recognition. On the other hand, Alex doesn’t want anything to do with the Freemans and advises Harper to get his paintings back.

Natalie finds out from the photographs that Robert was indeed wearing the pendant the night he died. She tries to find the pendant but fails. Moreover, Natalie calls Harper and meets her, trying to convince her to showcase the painting at the coming event. Natalie decides to follow Harper and finds that she’s Alex’s sister. Natalie asks his reasons for selling fakes to the Freeman. Alex responds that he was under the impression that he was making replicas for a private collector. But, when he realized that someone was using those paintings to dupe the Freeman, he tried to take them back from his employer, and that’s when he gashed his arm, suggesting that he wasn’t the one who attacked Natalie in the museum.

Secrets at the Museum (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Who Killed Robert Freeman?

Natalie asks Tina (Hope Blackstock) to check the CCTV footage outside Robert’s office, and the latter finds out that Derek (Jonathan Lipnicki) has stolen Robert’s pendant. Tina tries to find the pendant, but Derek drags her to the roof and pushes her to death. Derek then plants a suicide note, labeling her as Robert’s killer. Fortunately, Tina had emailed the security footage to Natalie before Derek attacked her. The following night, Derek learns that Natalie and Alex are working together to find out who has been showcasing fakes at the Freeman Museum.

Natalie learns from the security footage that Derek is her father’s killer. Natalie confronts Derek, leaving the latter with no choice but to silence Natalie. Derek tries attacking Natalie with a baseball bat, but Natalie wrestles it away from his hands and attacks Derek. Cops arrive at the scene and arrest Derek, and the movie ends with Natalie buying back all the original paintings and hanging Alex’s and his father’s art where they truly belong- the Freeman Museum.

Why Did Derek Wanted to Destroy the Freeman?

Derek was the son of Stephan Mason (David Gere), the man we saw at the movie’s beginning. Mason was a struggling artist, desperately trying to showcase his artworks in the revered Freeman Museum. Natalie’s mother promised Mason the same and took his painting. Unfortunately, she died in a car accident before she could officiate the handover. Mason tried convincing Robert, but since there was no record of it, Robert couldn’t help.

Heartbroken, Mason walked out of the museum, swearing to tell the world of Freeman’s injustice. However, before he could do that, Mason lost his life in a car accident, leaving Derek an orphan. After a decade, Derek secured a job at the Freeman Museum as the curator, intending to tarnish the Freeman name. He hired Alex to create replicas of the original painting and began hanging them at the Museum. Robert and Tina discovered this and, therefore, lost their life.

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Secrets at the Museum (2023) Movie Genre: Mystery & thriller, Runtime: 1h 30m

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