See You on Venus (2023) Movie Ending Explained: Did Mia manage to go through the surgery?

See You on Venus (2023) Movie Ending, Explained

Once in our lifetime, we may have thought of giving up, believing we had run out of reasons to make the most out of this lifetime. But this film will make you realize that you might have the purpose you never knew you needed to find. See You on Venus (2023) is a Hollywood romantic drama movie directed by Joaquín Llamas and written by Victoria Vinuesa. It’s a book-to-screen adaptation that takes you on a journey with two American teenagers heading to Spain with a deeper purpose.

The film perfectly conveys the intended messages, and the characters’ emotions are felt through the screen. This wouldn’t be possible without the beautiful performances of both Gardner and Aiono. Unlike some previous YA films, which focused more on conflicts and sexuality, this time, it captivates us with good old romance that makes you realize that love is in the air. This film consists of moments that might make you fight back tears, and now let’s recap how the story unfolds. Spoiler Alert.

See You on Venus (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis :

The film begins when a man named Kyle encounters a significant setback in his life as he gets involved in an accident a few months ago with his friends, Noah and Josh. The accident changed each of their lives forever. Josh can never walk again, and unfortunately, Noah didn’t make it then. Meanwhile, Kyle has been having a hard time as a survivor because he’s living with guilt in his heart. He was the one driving the car at that moment and can’t remember the exact details of what caused their accident. After the accident, he barely went home and tried his best to distance himself. He also didn’t continue committing to the scholarship he received.

His life becomes colorless during that time, to the point where there is a moment he tries to end his life by attempting to jump off a cliff. However, Mia intervenes, saying she will also jump if he continues with his suicidal thoughts. Kyle is irritated at that time, but the next day, Mia comes to his house and asks him to escort her to Spain with his parent’s approval.

Kyle’s parents approved of the idea because they believed it would help him to be in a different environment, which could change the way he sees things after the incident. His father speaks to him later that night that hiding from the world would never be a solution and he should live his life as it is. Kyle realized they were right, so he accompanied Mia to Spain.

Mia is also best friends with Noah, Kyle’s friend who died in the accident. She knows everything and is doing her best to help Kyle and save him from his current state. We learn more about Mia’s story in this part of the film. She’s going to Spain not for travel but to find her biological mother, and she has ten names listed that she plans to check out. She hasn’t had an easy or ideal life. In fact, Mia has been in foster houses and transferred to others due to unstable relationships. Now she wants to find her biological mother for a profound reason. She wonders how her life might have been if she had grown up with the person she longed for.

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Virginia Gardner in See You on Venus (2023)

Mia is born with a heart defect, and sadly enough, she doesn’t have a long time to live, which is one of the countless reasons she wants to find her biological mother. Although Mia has a foster family, there’s still a part of her that wants to know more about her biological family. The only things she has to find her family are a necklace and a birth certificate.

While they’re on road trips together to Spain, Kyle and Mia develop a closer connection, and Kyle even warms up to Mia. As they travel together, they fall in love and start realizing how much they need each other in their lives. Mia has been scheduled for heart surgery that week, and the surgery doesn’t guarantee a hundred percent success, which is why she wants to find her mother before undergoing surgery.

But life hasn’t turned out to be an easy flow for Mia. They experienced countless setbacks before they found her mother. Mia still survived despite there being only a 50% chance of the surgery being successful. In the end, they realized some things they never knew they needed in their lives. They became stronger than ever, and so did their relationship. Kyle also recovered from the guilt he had been keeping to himself since the accident.

See You on Venus (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Did Mia manage to go through the surgery?

Mia is scheduled for her surgery the same week. She is looking for her biological mother, and her foster mom helps her schedule her surgery. But since the surgery isn’t a hundred percent guaranteed to be successful, Mia chooses to put it all behind just to find her mother. She doesn’t want to take the chance that she might die before meeting her biological mother. None of the listed names is her mother, and she is so devastated. Yet, Kyle thinks there might be a possible mistake in the signature on the birth certificate that made him realize Mia’s mother’s real name.

Meanwhile, the real issue is whether Mia will go through with her surgery or continue looking for her mother. Later, Kyle decides to take Mia to meet her mother. Kyle sneaks Mia out of the emergency room to take her to her mother. After that, Kyle brings Mia to a special place where they just dance, and they confess their love for each other. He brings Mia back to the emergency room, and even though the surgery is not 100% guaranteed, Mia still luckily survives.

What is the real reason behind the accident?

In the film’s first part, Kyle doesn’t really remember the events during the accident and is consumed by his own thoughts and guilt. Now, Kyle finally recalls exactly what happened that night. His friend Josh (who was paralyzed because of the accident) distracted him with a particular video that caused him to lose his attention to the road and his control as well. At that moment, Kyle finally realizes that it was never his fault, and he shouldn’t have taken all the blame, but he also thinks that it wasn’t Josh’s fault because he believes that no one truly wanted that to happen.

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