Episode 3 of Sex Education Season 4 finally brings down the heavy guns. After some much-needed fun and acclimatization, the 3rd episode digs into the stories that matter. Ruby’s story is put into central focus, which I have always liked, and Otis comes to the terrible realization that his friends and Meave are drifting away from him, making him think that he will be left behind. Aimee tries to understand her identity, while Eric gels in with the new people he has found in life. Jean’s struggles also come to the foreground as we see her clawing for straws that would help her come out of this depressing phase in life.

A more detailed look at the episode is below. Please read at your discretion as it will be full of spoilers.

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 3 Recap:

Episode 3 of Sex Education Season 4 opens with a flashback sequence of Ruby as a child going to summer camp. It’s clear that all the other girls bully her for coming from a lower strata of society, but when Sarah, a new girl, comes in, she feels a little seen. It’s pretty obvious that this Sarah is O, and a connection will be established later. But, it’s always great to have more depth to Ruby, who otherwise feels like she is left out in the open with very little to know about her.

Anyway, Otis gets ready to go to the Queer’s Night, being Eric’s wingman, but Eric is freaking out because this would be his first officially gay thing of this scale, and he is unable to decide what to wear to it. Otis promises to swing by later, but first he needs to go to Ruby’s to shoot a campaign video. Eric thus decides to go to Roman’s because they are going to the Queer Night too, and Otis will be late anyway. Here, I suspect that Otis and Eric would be slowly drifting away from each other – a thing that I don’t want to see, but since they are doing this gradually, it wouldn’t be so bad, right?

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Meavee, on the other hand, is struck with disappointing news when Molloy’s internship is not offered to her. Tyrone consoles her. Meanwhile, Aimee visits Issac.

Jean goes to a group session for new mothers and their babies but ends up treating it as a therapy session where her bottled-up worries come up.

Jean’s sister Joanna, on the other hand, feels like she is not too good with money. So, she goes to a bank to get a credit or loan of sorts but is declined for the same because she has no credit score. The teller, however, is quite impressed by her lively nature and asks for her number.

Viv is excited about her study date with Beau, but he brings a friend along, which feels odd to her. They later kiss, though, so that’s alright, I guess.

After having a bit of a tiff during the driving session, Mr. Groff and Adam bond, sharing about each other’s lives. Adam talks about Eric and says that he was hurt after the breakup, but it is slowly getting better for him. Mr. Groff receives a text from the flirty teacher at school for dinner, and Adam tells him that it will be a date and that he should put himself out there like his mum is. When he later tells Maureen about it, though – we see a slight disapproval in her.

Eric feels like he has found his tribe with his new group, and it does come up that Otis sometimes doesn’t get him all that much, and that might be because of his sexuality.

Hanging out with Issac makes Aimee realize that she has an identity of her own, one that is truly inspiring and different from all the other people. Issac makes her realize that, and the two bond over Issac’s paintings, which feels a little too personal. He tells her that his art is a way to channel his anger, but art could be different for different people and that Aimee would realize what it means to her eventually. They also have a moment together where they are about to kiss, but it doesn’t happen because Issac’s brother intervenes.

A still from Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 3.
A still from Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 3.

Otis makes a decent and straightforward video with Ruby and her father’s help. However, when Otis calls Eric to confirm going to the club, it feels like he doesn’t want him there now that Roman and the others are going with him. This makes Otis sad, so Ruby invites him to stay. When he talks about Meave and not hanging out with her, she tells him that she only wants to help because she went to primary school with O, who was called Sarah Owen back then. She tells him about the instance when those girls at camp, along with Sarah (O), bullied her by calling her ‘bed wetter’ and putting the video online. She tells him that she wants to help him because she can’t see a cruel person like her preaching kindness. This is when Otis decides to stay for nachos and a movie at Ruby’s when she confirms that it won’t be awkward between them.

The episode’s central theme finally kicks in while Ruby and Otis share their insecurities about being left behind while their close ones are out there exploring their new world of friends.

On feeling unheard and not getting the internship, Meave goes into Mr. Molloy’s office to ask about the chapter she had submitted earlier. He gives her constructive criticism and even goes ahead and tells her that she might not be cut off to be a writer. This breaks her heart, and she rushes away from his office in tears. However, as she is about to leave, she gets to know that there’s an urgent call from her brother.

At the patty, Eric hooks up with the guy from his church who he presumed was straight. They then discuss the regressive idea of the church, but he makes him realize how it is important for him to be a part of that community, too, in addition to the Queers.

Meanwhile, Cal, who is also at the party, feels like an outcast. They are worried about when they will be able to transition and share their worries with Roman, who tells them about theirs.

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 3 Ending Explained:

Otis wakes up the next day cuddled up with Ruby. Even though nothing happened with them, his crashing at her place makes him question himself.  However, Ruby soothes it out by telling him to talk to Meave about feeling left behind.

Why does Meave decide to come back home?

Otis reaches home and goes straight to his room. We do see Jean struggling greatly being a mother at this stage of her life, and she feels all alone in it.  This simple scene is enough to establish the struggles of being a single mother. In spite of having and bringing up Otis on her own, Jean seems to find herself at a crossroads where she is unable to understand how she needs to get control of her life.

The ending of Episode 3 of Sex Education Season 4 shows Otis finally putting his drained phone on charge and getting to see that there have been missed calls from Meave. He calls her to apologize again for not being supportive, but Meave tells him that she is coming back home because her mother has had an overdose and that she is really serious this time.

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