Episode 2 of Sex Education Season 4 finds Otis and O getting pitted against one another as the best sex therapist in campus fight is about to ensue. The episode dwells on other characters, most importantly on Jackson, who might have cornered himself into a lonely limbo. Additionally, we also see a slight tiff between Otis and Meave that escalates when Otis’ insecurities are laid bare.

A more detailed look at the episode is below. Please be aware of spoilers

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 2 Recap:

Episode 2 of Sex Education Season 4 begins with Jackson hooking up with a girl. When her handjob fails to give him an erection, she fingers his ass and he cums instantly, making him sort of feel embarrassed about it. 

Next, we see that Otis has resorted to relentlessly stalking Tyrone as he gets insecure when he sees his profile online with a buffed-up body. When he is about to leave the house, we realize who he had made a call in the previous episode. It’s Joanna (Jean’s sister) who arrives at the door. Jean is not happy with Otis’ decision but does not show it then and there. 

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Anyway, it is a new day at school, and it has already been established that Abbi is the central hotshot of the students’ body. We see Ruby recognizing ‘O’ as one of her primary schoolmates, but O blanks out on her. In order to fit in, Ruby also makes an effort by trying to do things that would make her more inclusive, like a pride badge or cycling to school instead of using her car. Cal and Jackson are still not talking to each other since what happened in the previous season. Otis shares his insecurities with Eric and asks if it would be good to join a gym to get a body like Tyrone. 

Otis sets up another room for his therapy session but is still not convinced that O is original about her thing. 

Meanwhile, Adam goes to his first day as an intern expecting to take care of dogs at the farm, but the woman handling things there tells him that he will be teaching kids how to ride horses. Desperate to hold onto a job, he says that he knows how to take care of horses and drive a car, even though he doesn’t. 

Ruby comes to Otis with a barter. Since Abbi and her partner Roman are fighting, she proposes that Otis help fix their relationship, and everyone will come to him instead of going to O. She also tells him when he gets clients, he can then put in a good word about her to Abbi and help her into her inner circle. Talking about the inner circle, Eric is in as Abby invites her to yoga. 

Otis then decides to go to the gym, and Jackson spots him. He then talks about the weird bum-fingering thing that happened and if it points to his queerness. He talks about his falling out with Cal (without naming them). 

At Maeve’s school, her first written chapter is not received well, as Molloy points out that it’s boring to read something that feels like an imitation instead of a real voice. 

When Otis notices that Eric has an in to Abbi’s group, he asks him to do him a favor by putting a good word for his clinic. Eric declines because he is still getting to know them. 

Later, Jean, already preoccupied with thinking about Joy, is unable to get into her radio show properly. She fumbles on her first day and worries about what lies ahead. 

A still from Sex Education Season 4, Episode 2.
A still from Sex Education Season 4, Episode 2.

On the other hand, Eric visits the church after being pushed by her mother for a baptism class and finds it odd that he has to be someone else to really fit in. After his church thing, he finds Abbi walking down the road and comes clean about the family thing that he had earlier told her about. The two of them have a nice little moment where the idea of religion and acceptance comes up. It also feels like their bonding is only going to get better from here on out. 

At Dinner, Mr. Groff ends up telling Adam about what he should do instead of the apprenticeship he just started. In spite of claiming that he would be more sensitive towards him, he still criticizes Adam for his choice, which hurts him. Maureen makes him realize about his fault, and he tries being the bigger person by apologizing to Adam and offering his help to him in any way. 

Otis finally confesses that he has been stalking Tyrone since Meave keeps dropping his name in all her conversations. She is already pissed off because of the feedback she got from Mr. Molloy, and the fact that her boyfriend doubts her makes her super angry. She tells him that Tyrone is gay and then cuts off the call. 

Jackson takes Otis’ suggestion and introduces casual consent with his new partner. Things go better for him this time around, but before she leaves, she points out that Jackson has a lump in his balls, which worries him. 

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At school, Otis approaches Roman and asks what is bothering their relationship. We get to know that Roman is angry because Abbi was masturbating in their bed when she said that she wasn’t interested in sex. Otis makes him realize that it’s possible that there are some underlying fears that she has, and a session with him would maybe fix a thing or two. So, Roman and Abbi go to Otis, who is able to help them come to a common ground.  This helps bring his clientele up as people start lining up in front of his space instead of O’s, which infuriates him. 

In the art class, Aisha and Cal get introduced to each other, while Issac invites Amee over so that he can help her pick the kind of art that she could be into. 

Otis suggests that Jackson gets the lump on his balls checked. Consequently, he also ends up putting his rivalry with O to the test by saying that since it’s a student-led campus, they should decide which sex therapist should be on campus. 

Adam is caught at his internship by the woman who has hired him as he confesses that he doesn’t know anything about horses. 

After blowing Beau off, Viv accepts his offer to study together on the weekend when Jackson tells her that she should. 

Later, Ruby proposes to be Otis’s campaign manager for the upcoming election, where he is pitted against O. 

Meave hands over her new chapter that talks about her life in the caravan park to Mr. Molloy. Additionally, she gives him some constructive criticism about his own rejected work for the New Yorker. 

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 2 Ending, Explained:

Later, Otis calls Meave to apologize for what he had thought about Tyrone without letting her know, but then he ends up getting in another fight with her when she tells him that she might stay in America if Mr. Molloy takes her up as an intern.

Why does Otis Call Ruby for help?

After the fight, Otis goes up to Dolly (the campus network that helps people connect) and sees that O has created a full-fledged music video for her campaign, and people on the network are going gaga over it. Since episode 2 of Sex Education Season 4 is all about the insecurities that Otis has inside him, the ending shows him finally caving in and calling Ruby for help, asking her to make him win this battle that he has gotten himself into.

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