Sex Education kicks off its final season, i.e., Season 4, Episode 1, with a really cheeky and quick recap of the previous season by none other than Dr. Jean Milburn. However, it ends with the important question: Who’s your daddy? Jean, having realized that her newborn is not Jakob’s as she presumed, has to find this out.

Anyway, the new season offers two new places to commute for our ex-Mordale students. While Otis and the others have joined the new college a wee far away from home, Meave is in the US. New places have new challenges of their own, and the first episode brings forth a similar new challenge for both Meave and Otis. Will they brave it and come out victorious as they always do, or will their personal relationship shatter too?

In the following article, I deep dive into everything important that takes place in the episode. Please read at your own discretion as this will be full of spoilers.

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 1 Recap:

Episode 1 opens with Meave in the States working hard in the library when she has a sudden urge to have sex because, apparently, everyone around her is horny as hell. She sends Otis a picture of her breast, but we can see that it is still difficult for him to communicate and feel better about his body. He fails to send her one of himself, and since it’s time to go to his new school, he heads out.

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Before he can leave, we see Jean totally zoned out because of becoming a mother when she did not expect. There’s chaos all around, and Joy, the newborn, has taken up all her time. She has a job interview for a new radio show about Sex, but having Joy makes it all the more difficult.

Meanwhile, Cal has dived deep into their queer transition. They make a voice diary where they claim that using testosterone has put them in a crazy sex drive state, and they have started feeling stronger.

Amee, on the other hand, is on her healing journey and taking things slow. She makes a note of how masturbation is making her feel and if her trauma is a little better.

While riding to the new school, Otis tells Eric about his inability to send a nude to Meave, while Eric tells him about sexting etiquettes of not letting the other person hang.

Their new school – Cavendish College, which has a different vibe of its own. People are more open, queer, and welcoming. We also see Ruby, who has left out of her pack since Olivia and Anwar have been selected to go to a different school. Since all of it is student-led, there are different sets of rules and regulations, which include the radical idea of normalizing mock exams as not a competition.

Otis proposes his Free Sex Therapy idea, and it is just allowed to happen without any hassle because of the enabling nature of the school.

When the lift gets stuck, Aimee and Issac have their first meet, where they realize that they are both in the art department.

On the other hand, Mr. Geoff is working as a substitute teacher in the school, and Eric is enquired about Adam’s whereabouts, which he has no idea about.

We are introduced to our first big new character, Mr. Molloy (Dan Levy). He is a reputed professor in Maeve’s school, and all her colleagues claim that whoever gets to be his intern always gets published. In his intro class, Meave makes an impression by being honest about his work but kind of messes it up when her phone rings mid-discussion, and Molloy throws it out the window.

Dan Levyas Thomas Molloy in Sex Education Season 4, Episode 1.
Dan Levy as Thomas Molloy in Sex Education Season 4, Episode 1.

In the art class, Cal gets overly excited because of her rising testosterone and all the elements that are in it.

Adam is still pretty down with the breakup. He has also decided to drop out of school, so Maureen points out that he needs to get a job and stop procrastinating or dwelling on his failed relationship.

At the radio station, Jean pitches her idea about the show being an extension of her therapy session and gets a slot. However, when she is asked to start immediately, she is a little startled due to Joy but commits to it nonetheless.

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At lunch, we can see that Aimee, Ruby, and Mr. Geoff are finding it difficult to fit in. The last two even have their lunch in the toilets instead of in the cafeteria.

Otis hits a roadblock when he discovers that there’s already a sex therapist at the campus named ‘O.’ He assumes that it’s a boy, but when O turns out to be a girl and has a free slot, he gets in to discuss their situation and blames her for stealing his idea. However, he instead unloads the problems of having to deal with a new baby, his overwhelmed mom, and him possibly suffering from body image issues or intimacy issues with Meave.

Looking at her popularity, Otis feels naked and challenged. So he decided to make a public announcement about the same and blame O for stealing his idea. However, since we know Otis and how odd he is at public speaking, this gets messed up when he connects his phone, and the nude that he had tried to send to Meave gets displayed in front of everyone. To make things worse, his nudes were of a flaccid penis instead of an erect one.

Sad by what just happened, Otis gets inside his little booth but is surprised when Cal comes in to get a session. She proposes her problem of feeling aroused all the time and cumming due to his nude earlier. Otis tells them that it’s totally okay to have the urges of a teenage boy because of the transition they are going through.

This makes them feel better and indirectly makes Otis feel better because he had his first session. The incident earlier, unbeknownst to him, left him with a non-judgmental aptitude that would only be better for him.

On the Viv and Jackson front, there’s not much happening. Except that the two of them are now single but have mutually decided to focus on classes. But then there’s this new character named Beau who takes a keen interest in Viv.

When Otis returns home, Jean tells him that she has gotten the job and that she will start soon. The two discuss who will look after Joy, and panic surrounds the house when Otis sees that Jean is clearly overwhelmed by being a mother. So he makes a call.

Mr. Groff pays a visit to Maureen, who tells him to take more interest in his son’s life. He tells her that he is trying to do better and taking therapy.

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 1 Ending, Explained:

Who is Tyrone, and what does Otis think about him?

Otis then calls Meave and apologizes for the entire nude-photo-ghosting fiasco. The two of them then mutually decide to orgasm as they talk dirty to each other. It comes naturally to both of them, and you can feel the connection between them still intact.

Episode 1 of Sex Education Season 4 ends with Meave telling Otis that she is going to hang out with Tyrone – one of the three friends she hangs out with. She says that since her other two friends are busy hooking up with each other, Tyrone is the only one she has been hanging out with. She then bids goodbye, but Otis keeps the phone without wishing her. He then stalks her school’s website and lands on a picture of Tyrone possibly getting jealous and insecure.

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