Somebody I Used To Know (2023) Movie Ending, Explained: Do you remember those magical and awe-inspiring moments Dave Franco gave us with his stunning performance in ‘Now You See Me’ (2013) and Warm Bodies (2013) and the other movies that followed? Dave in his first directorial debut film ‘The Rental’ didn’t disappoint us as he created a horror spectacle. In his second directorial effort, starring his wife Alison Brie (Ally), Jay Ellis (as Sean), and Kiersey Clemons (as Cassidy), Franco creates an incredibly romantic relationship drama while also pushing the nuanced characters to go through a process of introspection and finding themselves.

None of us is an accident in the world. We have a purpose to accomplish, but we tend to get lost and carried away. The society we live in influences us, and so do the people we acquaint ourselves with. Somebody I used to know explicitly informs us that every time we feel disoriented and bewildered and start questioning our acts, we ought to go back to our roots and find our motivation, and be determined to achieve it.

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Dave Franco attempts to expound this journey of self-discovery through the lives of Ally, Sean, and Cassidy. He tries to bring to our notice that secrecy, lies, patriarchy, and ambition are part of our society and relationships.

Somebody I Used To Know (2023): Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis

Disoriented Ally Meets Clear-Headed Sean

Ally Brenner grabs the first opportunity to make it to Los Angeles and run a Reality TV show called Dessert Island which, after its third season, was called off by Ramona and Dar from the network. Ally is unable to bear the crisis, so she visits her Mom at Leavenworth. At a restaurant, she happens to meet her classmates. Ally takes time to ideate on newer ideas for her show but is lost for creativity and therefore feels pathetic.

Sean, who though is busy with his friends running some errands, gets to know through social media that Ally is in town. He thus decides to go to the restaurant to meet her. He behaves as though he is unaware of Ally’s arrival. Sean is purpose-driven and works for his father, i.e., at the Campbell Family Contractors. He has built his dream house and is perfectly positioned to settle down. Interestingly, he is also getting married to Cassidy, although he keeps it a secret from Ally.

The Secret Disclosed

Ally and Sean spend a lot of time together, reminiscing and enjoying each other’s company. The time spent together makes them relive moments and be happy together. Ally makes advances toward Sean, but then he withdraws. Even then, Sean doesn’t want to inform Ally about his marriage plans.

On the other side, Ally wants to feel secure and loved and hence, decides to meet Sean. She meets Sean at his beautifully built home and also meets his mother, Joanne (Olga Merediz), aka Jojo. Jojo invites Ally into her home and makes her stay back for lunch wishing good luck to Sean and Cassidy. That’s when Ally gets to know about their engagement and marriage. Jojo is proud of Ally that she, as a filmmaker, is taking over Hollywood, and that being the case, she requests Ally to shoot the wedding.

Contemptuous to Awakened Ally

Ally initially decides not to attend the gathering and the subsequent intimate marriage celebrations. But then, She decides to try her luck and see whether Sean still loves her and has a soft corner for her. Of course, Sean didn’t stop the advances made by Ally. Ally goes to the extent of digging deep into the life of Cassidy and feels that Sean and Cassidy are making a hurried decision. She takes it upon herself to invite Cassidy’s parents to the wedding, intending to ruin the occasion. Ally succeeds but realizes that she is interfering in what could be a successful and fruitful relationship.

Sean realizes his fault, and Cassidy discerns her worth. Both resolve the confusion created and forgive each other. Ally gets her sense of purpose and returns to Los Angeles, beginning from scratch and doing something that matters to her. She is now adamant about proving to the world that she is the best, which is why she chose and moved out of Leavenworth. She regains the energies she lost along the way and is ready to try newer relationships at her workplace. The movie ends on a happy note. But the search for oneself continues as the days pass by.

Somebody I Used To Know (2023): Ending Explained

Despite the secrecy maintained by Sean, why does Ally remain back?

Sean had kept it away from Ally that he is getting married to Cassidy. He wasn’t ready to marry someone whom he had known very little. Perhaps, they decided to marry just because they thought Cassidy was pregnant. Ally comes to know of this through Benny (Danny Pudi). She waits back as in her conversations with Cassidy, she finds that she, too, has some secrets. Ally wants to attempt to unravel them. Moreover, she thinks that Cassidy is challenging her to wait back and try and test their relationship. Ally waits back because she thinks she can manipulate Sean and make him love her again. Ally is in the process of still finding herself. She tries to find herself or her worth by winning over Sean. But Sean is well aware of his agony the last time she deserted him.

Somebody I Used to Know Ending ExplainedWhat ensues between Ally and Cassidy?

Ally tries to become friends with Cassidy by striking up a few random conversations. She inserts venom into Cassidy’s mind but fails miserably. She thinks she can use the same trick she did with her interviewees in the show. Ally persuades Cassidy that she should not give up what she is good at in order to accept the word of the man she is about to marry. She convinces Cassidy that she should not ignore her feelings for music, the band, and her friends.

Cassidy, at some point, perceives her failure at not recognizing her dear emotions. Ally, while assisting Cassidy to find herself, also acknowledges that she had lost her assertive self. Cassidy might be becoming aware of her ignored emotions, wants, and desires. But she knows for sure that the decision taken by Sean and her was made impulsively because of the pregnancy. Nevertheless, they just wanted to be married, as they never questioned the idea or thought of it when they realized that Cassidy wasn’t pregnant.

Do Ally and Sean retain their long-lost love and marry each other?

When Sean endeavors to meet Ally and comes to the restaurant, it truly means that Sean still has feelings for Ally. You can notice the chemistry still existing between them as they spend the whole day with each other and have the best time of their life. Although some sort of bond still exists between them, situationally, they have already moved apart a lot.

Sean had grown to be the assertive male of the family. He thought that he could decide for himself and his wife. So, he started to impose. Ally had become adamant and had lost herself, becoming rigid. She was chasing targets rather than real issues that matter.

When things are getting complicated for Sean, he wants to make things right with Ally. But then, Ally’s life falls back on track, with her show getting a new lease of life through other interested streaming platforms. Sean, conflicted bursts out at Ally, making her discover that she has not changed a bit.

The thought of losing Cassidy dawns on Sean and pushes him to be humble and allow her to pursue her dreams and not impose one’s ideas onto her. So, Sean and Ally might have some love left for each other, but they sure don’t marry each other.

What and who consoles and helps Ally to regain her sense of purpose?

The fact that Sean is no more interested in her makes her realize that there is no point in running after Sean. So she returns home and wants to spend her time with her mother.
A mother knows one’s child through and through and predicts that something is wrong by just looking at the child’s face. Ally’s mother guesses that something is wrong with Ally and assures her that she is always there for her no matter what.

It is Ally’s mother who consoles her and reminds her of her passion for fighting for a cause and going to the extent of taking drastic steps to make a point. The memory of the past self-confident person that she was makes her regain the courage and continue in the same profession to make her mark.

Do Sean and Cassidy reconcile with each other, and what is their fate?

Sean and Cassidy reconcile, but only when Ally goes and convinces Cassidy that she shouldn’t give up on her dreams and when Cassidy stands up for herself and places her demands before Sean making him accept and save their relationship.

Sean and Cassidy marry each other happily. They tour around the world, and Sean accompanies her becoming part of her happiness. Now, both have learned to adjust to their varied selves.

Sean finds himself and his happiness in Cassidy. Cassidy finds herself and her dreams and can make sense of them concerning Sean. Ally finds her feisty self and embarks on a purposeful venture of a new season through a new meaningful show. So, she finds somebody she used to know in herself.

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