Somebody Somewhere (Season 2 Finale), Episodes 6 & 7: Recap & Ending Explained

Somebody Somewhere (Season 2 Finale) Episodes 6 & 7

Somebody Somewhere (Season 2 Finale), Episodes 6 & 7 Recap & Ending Explained: The second season of ‘Somebody Somewhere’ began on an undeniably cutesy note. The most happening part was the relationship between Sam and Joel, who start to live together after experiencing an array of emotional turmoil. It’s not like their emotional challenges ceased to exist. They just became each other’s support systems while going on with their casual style of humor. 

However, the previous episode showed these two platonic soulmates getting distant. Sam learns about Joel’s relationship with Brad. It breaks her heart that he kept it a secret. Besides, she learns that Tricia knew about Holly’s cancer diagnosis and still kept it hidden. 

Now the last two episodes from the second season find Sam and Joel trying to get over their differences. 

*Spoilers ahead*

Somebody Somewhere (Season 2 Finale), Episodes 6 & 7 Recap:

Episode 6: Manhappiness

Sam (Bridget Everett) lays on her sofa on her own. Joel (Jeff Hiller) texts her to talk about his daily steps. Sam deletes his text right away. Tricia (Mary Catherine Garrison) calls her, asking for help with preparing for Fred’s (Murray Hill) wedding. She does not respond amicably. Suddenly, a noise wakes her up. She looks outside the window to find Fred with his van, playing that music. 

Fred tries to cheer Sam up. He asks her why she hasn’t taken her wedding suit. She is not over Joel’s secrecy and hasn’t spoken with him since their last fight. Fred still wishes that they get over their differences before his wedding. He shows her the interior of his car.

Joel enjoys helping out Brad (Tim Bagley) with cooking at his school for his colleagues. He brings up the topic of Sam, who hasn’t responded to his text. Brad makes him realize how his text could have seemed braggy, even though that might not be his intent. 

Meanwhile, Sam decides to pick up her suit for Fred’s wedding. She tries to start her truck but fails. So instead, she decides to ride her bike there. At Tricia’s place, she notices many more cushions with c ***-themed messages. She keeps making silly puns to bond back with her sister. While Tricia’s a bit worried about their last fight, Sam seems to have made peace with it.

Fred shows up outside Joel’s place to pick him up in his truck. Like Sam, Fred also surprises him with the thunderous invite. They get more friends on board to have a pool party. Once they get down, Fred decides to have a talk with Joel. He is concerned about how Joel is holding in the wake of his distance from Sam. Joel feels helpless since Sam is not even responding to his texts. So, Fred offers a helping hand. He invites Joel when he goes to meet Sam.

On the other hand, Tricia gets angry seeing Charity get her friends to leave negative comments on the posts of her products. Sam still adores Tricia’s savagery online. Soon after, Tricia helps Sam put on the wedding coat. Once it is done, they both laugh at how weirdly it is stitched. 

While Fred has fun with all his friends, Sam returns to her empty house and gulps down something on her own. The next day, she meets Fred to have ice cream. He talks about her recent disappearance from social activities. In his usual cheerful manner, he tries to make Sam feel wanted. 

Suddenly, Joel shows up, which upsets her. He apologizes. She starts screaming about how she felt cheated and how he did not share something that important about himself. While their emotional wounds get unpeeled, both get emotional. She says that things can’t go back to the way they were before. 

While riding back, she sees a board for Charity’s real estate business. Since Charity is still finding ways to hurt her sister, she decides to throw her ice cream at it as revenge. Later, she receives a text from Joel saying that Darlene just died. 

Sam returns home to find Drew (Brian King) sitting on the front porch. They did not end things on a good note because of his drug-related issues. He apologizes to her for that and asks if she would like to have a beer sometime. Overall, they have a jolly interaction despite their past. Back in her house, she plays the recording Darlene shared with her of her last class. Motivated by that, she starts singing by herself and strikes a chord. 

Bridget Everett, Mary Catherine Garrison in Somebody Somewhere, Season 2, Episode 6.

Episode 7: To Ed

Sam decides to go to Darlene’s memorial. Joel, who was sitting with Brad before, walks up to her. She offers him a seat next to hers. While Darlene’s young students start singing in unison as a way to convey their respect, Sam gets emotional. In that tender moment, she reconnects with Joel. She apologizes to him, and he does as well. They both accept they miss each other and decide to get together. 

Once the service gets over, they get out and have a chat about who will attend their funeral. It brings their charming chemistry back to the table. Joel offers to help Sam with rehearsing her performance. In exchange, she offers to help with his speech. She invites him to her place to do so. Brad walks up to them and invites Sam for dinner at his place sometime soon. She agrees. 

Later, she takes out some snacks to have with Joel once he visits. He also brings some on his own. Before they get to the practice, she decides to open up to him. She says how she sets unfair expectations of others, thinking they keep her safe. Joel says that he loves her, despite that. She says she is happy he is with Brad and considers him a nice guy. 

Even when they are so vulnerable, Joel notices that she shaved her legs. You see how close they are as platonic partners. Anyhow, she talks about her recent interest in Drew. They joke about this fling in their usual style. 

Meanwhile, Tricia works on wedding preparations at their farm. Sam offers her help. She speaks about reconciling with Joel. Tricia finds it slightly unbelievable since she does not think Sam is open to sharing things with someone else. Sam says she has matured in that regard. Tricia brings up the subject of Holly and whether she is okay with her secrecy. Sam says she has now forgiven Holly as well. 

Later, Brad and Joel come to Sam’s house to pick her up. The pair notices her speaking with Drew. The pair first motivates Sam to pursue him. Then they joke about the man together. They go to the farm for Brad’s wedding. Sam and Joel help Brad with his last-moment jitters. 

Somebody Somewhere (Season 2 Finale), Episode 7 Ending Explained:

With Sam’s soulful rendition of Ave Maria, Fred, and Susan eventually get married. Joel then gives an emotional speech before wedding the pair together. During their later gathering, Susan thanks everyone, including Tricia and her venture, for arranging the gorgeous wedding. Fred takes the mike to talk about Ed and the camaraderie he felt with this farm man. You can see the actors reflecting on their bittersweet emotions toward Ed in his disappearance. 

Afterward, Tricia and Sam have a playful word about the wedding. Sam finds all this interest in weddings overwhelming. She suddenly walks up to the stage, takes off her coat, and sings Gloria – the song that Joel wanted her to sing at his wedding. They dance together, and the crowd relishes this unabashed joy. 

After the ‘Gloria’ performance, Joel notices Sam lurking around the food by herself. He decides to join her, but she asks for some ‘me time’ instead. You can see that there are no hard feelings between them. She is making efforts to be comfortable with this new change in her life. 

Once Joel drops her home, she decides to walk up to Drew’s place. But, since she is awkward about how to approach him, she throws her shoe at his house. Since it breaks the window, she panics. She tries to run back to her place. But in her drunken state, she returns to his house to get her shoe. In that adorable goof-up, one can sense that Sam is trying to be more open to different things in her life. 

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