Make Me Believe Soundtrack: Every Song Featured in the Netflix Movie – After Southeast Asian countries, Turkey is emerging as one of those whose content is consumed across the world. Istanbul is the place where East and West meet and serves as a budding space for a variety of stories to be born. One of the genres they seem to excel in is Romance. The latest edition to this list is Netflix’s “Make Me Believe”—a feel-good romantic story which is about two grandchildren being set up by their meddling grandmas.

The film follows Sahra and Deniz, two 30-year-olds living separate lives until they are thrown together by their grandmas, who believe they are made for each other even after 15 years of falling out. Both Sahra and Deniz are traveling to meet their grandmas. However, the truth reveals that the 30-year-olds share a past, and their grandmothers’ phone tricks were intentional. The two grannies have a scheme in mind: they aim to reignite a connection that began fifteen years ago when their grandkids were teenagers. 

Also, Sahra, an editor at a men’s magazine in Istanbul, is determined to secure an interview with the elusive photographer, Deniz Tunali. Now in her grandmother’s town, she knows that this Deniz is the one she has been looking for. And in that small town begins the next chapter of their story. With a 57% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, the film promises a good movie experience. 

Ayça Aysin Turan, a Turkish actress, takes on the role of Sahra, a young woman who discovers she has been tricked into a contrived and charming encounter. Turan is highly recognized for her outstanding performances in various Turkish TV series, including Meryem, The Protector, and Ada Masali. Ekin Koç, a Turkish actor, takes on the other main role as Deniz, a young man who realizes that his grandmother has deceived him into meeting a woman from his past.

You might be familiar with Koç from his notable performances in various works, including What’s Left of You, Champion, The Steppe, and Brother’s Keeper. Additionally, he made a guest appearance in the HBO comedy-drama series Succession, portraying a character named Kadir. 

Make Me Believe Soundtrack: Every Song Featured in the Netflix Movie

Turkey is the home of one of the best music in the world, and this film is no exception. It is laced with some of the best music in Turkey. The music of the film plays an important role in setting up the scenes, starting from the 2016 song “Beni Sen Inandir” by the Rock Band Pinhani, which is the film’s title, Make Me Believe.  “Yine Yazi Bekleriz” by Burçin Isik Ebrisim and “Ben Her Zaman Sana Asiktim” by Kalben 

Complete Tracklist:

  • “Beni Sen Inandir” by Pinhani
  • “Yine Yazi Bekleriz” by Burçin Isik Ebrisim
  • “Ben Her Zaman Sana Asiktim” by Kalben
  • “All Over” by Muziokotek
  • “Afternoon Stroll” by 2nd Foundation Music
  • “Purple Breaks” by Universal Production Music

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