Directed by Clive Fleury, “Sons of Summer” is perhaps one of the most disappointing watches of 2023. The year was graced with brilliant low-budget Lifetime releases, but then there comes one insipid film like “Sons of Summer.” The film succeeds in making an exciting sport like surfing look boring with its excessive and unnecessary indulgence in the middle of the storytelling. Apart from Temuera Morrison, the likes of Joe Davidson and Isabel Lucas vastly disappoint as the lead protagonists of the film. Anyway, if you still have wasted 87 minutes of your life, reading this article won’t further bring any greater harm. Spoilers Ahead!

Sons of Summer (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

The film starts with Rick closely observing Frank’s movements on the dock as he receives a package and keeps it inside the car. Later we are informed that 30 years ago, four friends gave birth to four sons in a summer. That is the reason why these four guys, Sean, Clay, Kane, and Jack, are called the “Sons of Summer.” The film is already foolish enough to resist yourself from moving forward. But, since you are given a task, you do that with honesty, unlike Clive Fleury.

So, Rick comes up with a proposition to Sean that to settle their debts, they must finish one last job together. Sean denies the opportunity at first as he wants to settle down with his girlfriend, Katie, and live an honest life ahead. However, with a bit of persuasion, Rick manages to convince Sean to do the job. Together they go to Pete, who is almost like a father to Sean. Sean’s father was murdered, and he spent most of his life in an orphanage. It was Pete who took good care of everything while he was growing old. So, since Pete is involved in this, Sean agrees to do this job, and he will then remove himself from all this illegal stuff.

How does Sean Steal the Drug?

Dom is a big businessman in town and as he has organized a party in his house, Katie too is invited. Dom has a soft spot for Katie. As he is approaching to talk to her, Sean enters the scene. He is all dressed up in a way that the CCTV footage will not prove to be a big help in the latter scenario. Sean steals the keys to the car inside the garage and leaves by driving it. Frank tries to chase him down. But Sean is too clever a driver to be caught while driving a sports car. Sean meets with Rick and asks him to drop him at Kane’s place.

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Sean explains everything to Kane and pleads with him to lie to the police officers if it comes to that. The following day when the police pay a visit and bring in Sean for interrogation, Katie calls her friend Lauren, a lawyer by profession, to help him out in that very situation. Right after Sean leaves the house with the police, Frank comes and searches the house. Katie keeps herself hidden inside the closet the whole time Franks is going through the things in Sean’s apartment. Lauren helps Sean to get out of the interrogation. Kane also lies to the police so that Sean’s alibi sits well with the investigation.

What do the Sons of Summer plan for Sean?

Sons of Summer (2023) Movie Ending Explained
A still from Sons of Summer (2023)

Since Sean’s father is dead, the other sons decide to give a farewell to him in Austinville. There they will give a proper goodbye to Boo, Sean’s father, and it will be a sort of adventure for them as well. But, one day, while surfing, Kane gets severely injured on his head and is admitted to the hospital. Jack, on the other hand, can not stand Sean much for his wrong decisions in life. However, he agrees to be a part of the tour. Meanwhile, Frank gathers evidence from the CCTV footage, and following up on those leads, he ends up in Pete’s garage.

Pete doesn’t comply, so Frank hangs him to death, and before leaving, he grabs Pete’s phone, where Rick has just dropped a text. Franks is now more frustrated with his boss, Dom, as he sees him as a disappointment. So, one night, Frank kills Dom because he can’t endure the continuous humiliation from him. Frank continues his investigation and puts Tone to work. Frank asks Tone to find out about the lost drug and who is discussing the news so that he can grab hold of the culprit he is looking for. After the sons reach Austinville, Tone meets with Franks and tells him to interrogate Rick as he is sure that with the record that Rick has on his name, he will definitely be able to point in the right direction.

Sons of Summer (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Is Sean able to save Katie from Frank?

Frank pays a visit to Rick, and Rick lies to him, saying that the drug is with Sean. Rick then tries to attack Frank but fails to bring any harm as Frank finishes him off. Meanwhile, Katie has decided to leave Sean for good, but as time progresses she thinks of giving one more chance to their relationship. So, she decides to surprise him by coming to Austinville all by herself. While she is walking on the road, Franks gets past her and suddenly remembers who the woman is. Frank comes back, threatens Katie to call Sean, and asks him to bring the drug or else Katie will be dead.

Sean seeks help from Clay and Jack to save Katie. Jack has met with a woman named Michelle who decides to come along with them. On the spot, when Sean delivers the bag to Frank, Katie attacks him. Soon, Sean grabs hold of Frank and jumps into the water. After a few moments of struggle, Sean comes out of the water as Clay and Jack help him float. Sean embraces Katie and asks for her forgiveness as she has to go through a lot because of him. Katie, for obvious reasons, holds him. Thank goodness the film comes to an end at this point.

At the end, we see a montage with the glimpses of how Boo was killed. However, the reason behind Boo’s killing is unknown. We can only guess that Boo didn’t know what he was doing, just like the director of this film. We see the sons and their remaining fathers gather on the banks of the sea, remembering Boo and bidding him one final adieu.

Meanwhile, Frank watches them from a distance, smiling at seeing Sean and Katie kissing each other.  This smile, however, suggests happiness rather than ‘be happy now! I will come down and haunt you anyway!’ one. Well, we should not be worried about any mystery behind this, as in a film such as this, even if there was a twist in the end, it must have been lost in the narrative itself.

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