Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) Movie Ending Explained: The whooping box-office numbers and the overwhelmingly positive critical acclaim of Sony’s latest Spider-verse film prove two things: one is that no genre could ever go inert as long as filmmakers bursting with imaginative vision keep making what they want. The second is how purely fun the process of decoding every little detail from a film blasting with such visionary prowess actually is.

“Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse” introduces us to some of the most prominent Marvel characters in the Spider-saga – Miguel O’Hara, Jessica Drew, and The Spot, just to name a few. The second installment in Miles Morales’s epic journey ends with a shocking cliffhanger that sets the stage for a climactic third and final film in the franchise.

But how does his life turn upside down by the events of the new Spider-verse film? How exactly does a villain of the week, aka The Spot end up threatening the whole of the multiverse? What exactly are canon events that Miguel talks about? More importantly, what could the ending of Across The Spider-Verse possibly mean for its young hero moving forward? Let’s take a quick dive in.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

What Is Miles Up To?

It’s been more than a year since the events of Into The Spider-Verse, and Miles hasn’t seen Gwen Stacy since then. Plus, with the doors to the multiverse now closed off for him, he feels lost, not being able to reach that part of his life again. Even more so than the first film, Across The Spider-Verse, focuses much more on the internal family dynamics of Miles’ life – something that sets up the larger stakes the narrative has for him.

Who Is The Spot? How Does He Come Into Existence?

Into the Spider-Verse ended with Miles saving the multiverse with the help of his own gang of Spider-men whom he befriended. But we soon learn in the sequel how even after successfully defeating Kingpin by activating the Alchemax collider, the machine’s brief period of activation had caused a major problem for the multiverse. Right after the collider’s big explosion, an ordinary scientist by the name of Jonathan Ohnn was genetically altered by the radiation, which resulted in him turning into a hole of empty nothingness – The Spot.

In the film, The Spot is first introduced as a goofy blundering villain who finds even stealing from an ATM difficult. Miles casually swings by to save the day, where The Spot tells him how he hasn’t figured out how to control his, ahem, holes. He’s yet oblivious of his own stumbled of accidental creation – the holes are actually portals that help him access other universes. In fact, it’s during his very first fight with Morales where The Spot accidentally ends up traveling to a pocket dimension which then allows him to access other universes.

Spot, using his own justification, holds Miles accountable for his fate and eventual transformation. Thus, he sets off on a multiversal quest to live up to the idea of being an arch adversary, adamant on making things right in his own twisted way. This, for better or worse, brings Gwen back into Miles’ life. But she’s now a fully-fledged member of a multiverse Spider-Society – a special team tasked with addressing multiversal anomalies, led by the fierce leader in, Miguel O’Hara.

Why Does Miles Travel To Mumbattan? Who is Pavitr Prabhakar?

In the meantime, realizing that his powers increased after being exposed to similar colliders in other universes as the one we saw in the last film, The Spot now travels across the multiverse, consuming more and more energy and becoming all the more powerful. On the other side, Morales and a few other Spider-People try to intercept The Spot on Earth-50101B, which happens to be none other than Mumbattan – home to Pavitr Prabhakar and the Spider-Man of this universe.

Miles, too, sneaks his way onto the mission to get Spot so he can deal with him personally but interrupts something called a ‘canon event’ by saving the life of Captain Singh – a police officer and the father of Pavitr Prabhakar’s love interest. What will this entail for Miles?

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Miguel and his team fail to stop the Spot from activating Earth-50101B’s collider, something that results as a direct consequence of Miles saving the Captain (which, in this case, was Officer Singh). Thus, the additional ripple effects that this disruption could lead to might break the functioning of the multiverse.

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse (2023) Ending, Explained
A still from Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse (2023)

After a giant black hole begins forming at the bottom of the crater of Earth-50101B, Miles is brought to the Spider-Society, where O’Hara finally explains to him the concept of canon events. Across the multiverse, a seemingly infinite number of Spider-People live in a multitude of ways, given as long as certain events always happen.

Among these events is a universal event – a baseline fact, if you will, which makes sure that Spider-Man can’t save everyone. Out of this is the death of Captain Stacy (defined by Miguel as ASM90). This meant that in Prabhakar’s case, it would’ve meant losing either Inspector Singh or the former’s love interest, Gayatri. Now, just because Morales disrupted the canon event by saving Inspector Singh, this anomaly fundamentally broke the canon, hence leading the universe to collapse.

How Do Miles End Up on Earth 42? What Happens There?

After escaping from the Spider-Society and believing that he had done the right thing by trusting his heart, Miles returns back home. Now, for once and for all, he decides to finally tell his mother about his real identity. However, upon telling Rio Morales that he was indeed Spider-Man, we learn that Rio, in fact, has no idea of who he is. Confused, Miles now follows his mother restlessly as she answers the door for none other than Aaron Davis.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Seeing his supposed deceased uncle, Miles realizes that he was indeed sent to the wrong universe. He follows his uncle onto the roof, out in the chaos where the cityscape resembles something off-kilter that comic book readers would identify. As soon as he tries to confront Aaron, Miles is blindsided and knocked out. Once he wakes up, he finds himself tied to a punching bag as he helplessly pleads with his uncle that he doesn’t have to be the Prowler.

As Aaron looks at him in intrigue, he goes on to confess how he actually isn’t the Prowler. In the movie’s strikingly chilly last scene, we watch the actual Prowler descend from a window as he removes his mask. He reveals himself to be Miles G. Morales. This variant finds no sympathy for his fellow counterpart, and Across The Spider-Verse ends with Morales being held captive in a different universe. At the same time, we watch The Spot pay a visit to Earth-1610 in order to destroy his actual home.

Why Does Miles Get Transported To Earth- 42 instead of Earth-1610?

During his fight at the beginning of the movie with The Spot, the Alchemax scientist tells Miles how before the collider had exploded, he was experimenting with its capabilities. Apparently, Ohnn had unknowingly transported the radioactive spider from Earth-42 to Earth-1610, thus creating a second spider at Earth-1610 as the Peter Parker of that universe was already Spider-Man.

Because the second spider bit Miles, he ended up being in the middle of Parker’s fight with Kingpin back in the first film. In one of the best scenes from that film, we watched Peter trying to figure out who Miles was, as the colors in the background changed from green and purple to red and blue, thus further reinforcing the Spidey-Sense. Now we know what this symbolized on a greater level – Miles’ future changing with him eventually becoming the Prowler on Earth-1610.

Then How Does Miles Become Spider-Man On Earth-1610 In the First Place?

As we learn, the whole anomaly proceeded to have a domino effect at Earth-1610 and subsequently at Earth-42 as well. As we know, the presence of Miles distracted Peter, which left him dead at the hands of Kingpin in the first movie. That’s what made Miles step into the role of Spider-Man. With Peter dead, Morales was thrust into the role of being Spider-Man on Earth-1610. Now, the very thing that had become a driving factor for him to pursue his role with greater responsibilities was coming back in full circle to haunt him.

The machine at Earth-928 that Miles ends up using was programmed to send you back to your actual home universe. The reason why Morales was sent to Earth-42 instead of his own, i.e., Earth-1610, was because the spider that bit him was originally from the former. Now since there wasn’t a radioactive spider at Earth-42, there wasn’t any Spider-Man either.

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