Steven Spielberg’s Insight on ‘The Zone of Interest’: Filmmaker Steven Spielberg is a renowned name in the film industry, celebrated for his impeccable directorial vision. Throughout his filmmaking career, he has given numerous incredible films which have been honored with several accolades. The man known for his craft has established himself in such a position that any remark from him on the filmmaking niche is indeed a big deal. Recently, Spielberg offered his opinions on the Oscar-nominated film “The Zone of Interest.” Directed by Jonathan Glazer, the period drama film not only caught the attention of the Oscar-winning filmmaker but also appreciated and compared it with his 1993 masterpiece “Schindler’s List.”

Jonathan Glazer’s Oscar-nominated film was praised by Steven Spielberg

Jonathan Glazer is an acclaimed filmmaker and screenwriter popularly known for directing films like “Under the Skin,” “Birth,” and “Sexy Beast.” Currently, the filmmaker is in the news, as his 2023 historical drama film” The Zone of Interest” has been nominated for five Academy Awards (including Best Director and Best Picture). Loosely based on the 2014 novel by Martin Amis, the audacious film tells the story of the family life of Auschwitz’s commandant. The film sheds light on the banality of evil, a theme prevalent in depictions of the Holocaust.

Three decades ago, in 1993, Steven Spielberg made his first R-rated film, “Schindler’s List.” It is an American historical drama movie set in World War II. The film provided the best depiction of the horrors of the Holocaust. It garnered various accolades, including top honors like Oscars. The film won seven awards, including Best Picture.

Now, when a film with a narrative similar to Spielberg’s masterpiece was nominated for the Oscars, it caught his attention. Recalling his own work in “Schindler’s List,” Spielberg appreciated Glazer’s directorial efforts. He praised the movie as the best take on the Holocaust since his own effort swept the Oscars. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg said, “The Zone of Interest is the best Holocaust movie I’ve witnessed since my own. It’s doing a lot of good work in raising awareness, especially about the banality of evil.”

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Spielberg’s acknowledgment of “The Zone of Interest” is indeed significant, as Spielberg is not only a highly regarded director, but with his previous work in a similar genre, he has a deep understanding of the challenges and sensitivities involved in portraying such a significant historical event as the Holocaust.

The Zone of Interest is still playing in theaters and is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

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