Still Time (Era Ora) is an Italian movie that premiered on Netflix. Directed by Alessandro Aronadio, the film explores how our fast-paced lifestyle can swiftly snatch away the things that truly matter to us. Through the story of Dante, a man in his forties who appears to have everything anyone could desire, the movie shows how it only takes one moment to understand the true value of what we have to enjoy and be grateful about.

In the following article, I take a detailed look at Still Time, trying to decipher its many turns and what the ending actually signifies. Spoiler alert, please read at your own discretion.

Still Time (Era Ora) Movie Synopsis and Plot Summary:

The movie begins with Dante hurrying out of a meeting to join his fiancé at a party. On arrival, he mistakes Alice for his bride-to-be, as they both are wearing identical dresses. This confusion causes his fiancé to become furious and leave him. Consequently, Dante spends the evening in the company of Alice. Dante works a desk job in an insurance firm, demanding him to work extended hours. Alice, on the other hand, is an artist. Eventually, we see them being married to one another.

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In the next scene, Dante wakes up to a delightful surprise dance performance by his doting wife, who had rehearsed the routine for two months. However, Dante appears more concerned about being late for work. While most people prefer celebrating their birthdays with their loved ones, Dante prioritizes his professional commitments, and he ends up spending the entire day running errands that he could have waited until the next day.

Alice had arranged a surprise party, and Dante arrives handsomely late. Despite being tardy, he has a beautiful time cutting the cake and enjoying his 40th birthday. Eventually, Dante and his wife retire to bed. The following morning, Dante wakes up to discover that his wife is pregnant, and an entire year has flown by in the blink of an eye.

Dante finds himself baffled, scared and overwhelmed with emotions as he tries to make sense of the situation developing around him. He questions Alice, but her pregnancy hormones have taken over, which doesn’t make her useful in the situation. Hence, Dante decides to go to bed, hoping that everything will normalize on its own. However, when he wakes up, he discovers that another momentous event has occurred – he is now a father to a beautiful girl named Galadriel. Dante is bothered about why his daughter is named after an elf from “The Lord of the Rings.”

Whenever Dante shuts his eyes, another year seems to pass by in a flash, leaving him confused about all that he’s missed in his life. He realizes that significant events are unfolding one after the other without his knowledge. He has missed the joyous moment when his daughter first called him “papa” and witnessed her taking her first steps.

Additionally, he has observed his relationship with Alice transition from being close-knit to distant and estranged in no time at all. Things seem to be happening at lightning speed for Dante, leaving him disoriented and struggling to keep up.

It feels like only yesterday that Dante celebrated his 40th birthday on October 26, 2010. However, with a snap of his eyes, he finds himself holding the position of the company’s director, which he once served as a mere staff member.

Dante now enjoys a luxurious car and an enviable salary, making his professional life seemingly effortless. Nevertheless, his personal life is in turmoil as he grapples with a strained relationship with Alice and his daughter. To seek clarity on his situation, Dante pays a visit to a psychiatrist and raises his concerns, worrying that it may be linked to his father’s Alzheimer’s disease.

The doctor assures Dante that his condition is caused by overworking and excessive stress, recommending that he take time off from work to recover, as it has taken a huge toll on his life.

Dante’s world is further shaken when he receives a frantic phone call informing him that his father is considering jumping off a terrace. Upon visiting his father, he learns he has unresolved issues. Dante’s father has never been responsible and has committed many infidelities. He has always prioritized his impulsive desires over his family’s well-being, causing Dante many hardships during childhood.

After conversing with his father, Dante admits that his personal life has suffered due to his excessive work commitments. He vows not to follow in his father’s footsteps, prioritizing his selfish desires over his family. Dante’s relationship with Alice deteriorates as time passes, and he discovers she has not been living with him. He calls Alice in panic, and when she visits him, Dante is hit with another shock when he finds that he has been dating his personal secretary, Francesca, and has been living with her all along. Alice leaves him feeling disappointed by him.

As Dante reflects on his situation, he realizes that he has been stuck in a never-ending cycle and has neglected to take action to break free. He has always taken everything for granted, assuming that he would have it all by the time he reaches retirement age.

However, he now understands that he has been approaching things the wrong way, and everything is slipping away from him like sand through his fingers.

Still Time (Era Ora) Movie Ending, Explained:

Was Dante able to break free from the never-ending loop?

Dante finally comes to terms with his mistakes and the reality of his situation. He realizes that he took his family and time with them for granted and needs to make amends. Even though he succeeded professionally, losing the people he loves is not worth it. Dante confesses to his father about his selfishness and apologizes for his behavior. He doesn’t want to end up on his deathbed with nothing but regret.

To make things right, Dante takes a day off from work and spends it with Alice and Galadriel, doing nothing but just being with them. He then wakes up the next day, expecting to see another year pass by, but to his surprise, it’s his birthday, and Alice and his daughter are still with him in the house.

Dante realizes that he has been given a second chance and will not waste it. He spends his birthday with his family and vows to make every moment count. Dante has finally broken the loop and is ready to live his life to the fullest.

Dante realizes the importance of living in the moment and making the most of it every day. He breaks free from the loop he was stuck in and embraces every moment with his family. He vows that he will do anything to hold on to this feeling of gratitude and make the most of the time he has left. He tells Alice to stay and work things out because there is still time to change their future and be together again.

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