Sweet Home Season 2 returns with many new characters and many more complicated relationships. The monsters in this season are evolving and don’t just remain as zombies who try to harm humans. The show ends on a cliffhanger, but it’s very exciting. Eun-yu has evolved so much as a character in this season, while Yi-kyung and Hyun-su fight through the difficulties of survival.

This article contains spoilers.

Sweet Home (Season 2) Recap:

Episode 1

The episode begins with the military shooting Hyun-su while the other survivors escape. Hyun-su is still not conscious but is woken up in a military truck. Sang-wook is driving, and he wakes Hyun-su up. But as soon as Hyun-su wakes up, he realizes it is Ui-myeong who has taken over Sang-wook’s body. Hyun-su attacks Ui-myeong, and he drives while fighting Hyun-su. Meanwhile, Yi-kyung follows them in a stolen military car. Hyun-su asks Ui-myeong why he killed his fellow survivors, and he provokes him by saying it was because of him. Hyun-su and Ui-myeong are fighting, and the military bombs the bridge in front of them, hoping to stop them. But Ui-myeong managed to cross that bridge.

Yi-kyung overhears the other military personnel talking about the reasons they can’t kill Hyun-su. They were saying that he was the last special infectee to survive. All the other monsters under military care were useless now, and they would be disposed of. They needed Hyun-su so they could find a cure to the problem.

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The survivors start crossing the bridge when they notice one of the survivors, who, while clearing the debris, hears a monster. In fear, he starts running, but the military officers are ruthless. They push the man back to clear the debris at gunpoint. Another survivor has a nosebleed and is dragged away. His wife protests, saying he has leukemia and he wasn’t turning. The officers promised her they would get him checked but ended up shooting him. They declared him to be human as he died but showed no remorse for what they had done.

One of the other survivors tries to stop them, but one of the military officers beats him to death. He does not realize his mother is watching him and begs him not to do it. From the debris, a monster appears and starts running around, and the survivors, in panic, start to run. In this chaos, the military ends up killing the humans. The monster spots a child looking for her mother, and it helps them reunite.

Meanwhile, the Green Home residents also ran for their lives and get into Soldier Chan-young’s truck. However, Eun-yu did not get on the bus. The officer who had beaten a man to death was now mourning his mother, and he decided to kill himself and die next to his mother. Chan-young was watching this, and this annoyed his superior. Eun-yu takes the gun with her, and the other residents pull her into the truck.

Chan-young and his superiors are fighting, and Eun-yu calmly threatens the senior officer with a gun and tells him that they need to go elsewhere. The military continues to hunt the monster down, but they find a baby monster. They kill the mother monster and let the baby monster live. The soldier is scrutinized for letting the monster live. The soldier tells his senior that their order is only to kill those who attack.

Ui-myeong takes Hyun-su to a shopping mall and asks him to get dressed. Hyun-su asks him how they are going to find other people like them. He tells him they are going to the place where the experiments are going on, but Hyun-su protests that he is being taken there anyway. Ui-myeong tells him that now he has the power. Ui-myeong promises that he won’t kill a human first; if they would leave him alone, then he wouldn’t harm him. He says this while attacking a monster for troubling a human.

Hyun-su agrees, and they leave for the command center. While driving, Ui-myeong is hit with Sang-wook’s memory, especially that of Yu-ri. He tries to fight it, but he is losing himself and cursing himself for starting this whole thing. He sees Yu-ri and swerves towards the curb. The vehicle topples, killing many soldiers as well. One of the soldiers begs Hyun-su to kill as he is hurting badly.

Hyun-su kills him and reminds Ui-myeong that he is incapable of surviving without a parasite inside his body. He drags him under the bridge and tells him he is doing this to remind himself that no matter what happens, he is human. The episode ends with the soldiers shooting Hyun-su and him falling on the floor looking at Ui-myeong.

Episode 2

The episode begins with a flashback to the time before the survivors left the apartment. Eun-hyuk asks Ji-su to protect Eun-yu as he won’t be able to be with them any longer. In the present, Eun-yu continues to threaten the soldier and takes him to Green Home apartments. Ji-su warns her that the Eun-hyuk she sees may not be the same.

Eun-yu tells her that until she sees him, she won’t believe anything else. Ji-su agrees to let her go and keeps an eye on the soldiers. Eun-yu enters the broken-down building and finds Eun-hyuk’s shattered glasses. She also finds her CD player, sees her family picture, and starts to cry. Eun-yu does not notice a monster lurking above.

While Eun-yu is inside, the soldier manages to play with Jae-hwan’s mind by telling him that it is important to leave as there are vaccines made, and not all of them would get it, but a survivor who saves a soldier would. Jae-hwan falls for this and fights Ji-su. The soldier rushes inside the building and starts beating Eun-yu.

Chan-young tries to stop him from hurting her. But he is asked to tie all the members up and leave them there as they realize there is a monster nearby. Chan-young tells the survivors that he has tied the knots loose so they can escape once they leave and find shelter. While this was going on, Ms. Im came out of the baby cocoon she had become. She starts walking outside but is shot by the other soldier.

Chan-young tells him that she is a human and he should not harm her, but he doesn’t care and burns her. At this moment, another monster that can’t see but only hears attacks the soldier and kills him. Chan-young is watching the monster while the others leave slowly and get inside a bus. Just as Chan-young tries to get to the bus, a monster wraps itself around him. Meanwhile, Jae-hwan does not intend to wait for him, but Eun-yu fights him.

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Chan-young manages to get himself free and catch up to them. The other soldiers in a different place argue that the soldiers were injured and dead. Nevertheless, Sergeant Tak wants to find the other dead soldiers. Chan-young drives the survivors to the shelter, but they are all fighting and contemplating if Ms. Im is human or a monster.

Eun-yu argues with Ji-su that she believes Eun-hyuk is alive and she will find him at any cost. At that time, Chan-young stopped the vehicle as he saw another survivor. Hyun-su is brought to the room where the monsters fight, and the experiment is carried out. A monster is thrown out, and blood is poured over Hyun-su as the smell of blood makes that monster aggressive.

The monster attacks him, and in the process, Hyun-su is able to see the monster’s memories and reminds him of them. The monster holds back and tells Hyun-su that he wants to stop hurting. The guards walk in and kill the monster, and Hyun-su is devastated. He argues with Dr. Lim and tells him that the monster has killed many soldiers, but he is astonished to see it stop attacking him. He was also told that the vaccines were made but had run out, and Hyun-su offered himself to make more vaccines. Dr. Lim asks him to rest as the days ahead are going to be difficult.

Meanwhile, some doctors examined Ui-myeong, who was considered dead, but as they turned their back on him, Ui-myeong woke up and attacked and killed both the doctors. He escapes and takes refuge in one of the test subject’s cells. He sees the monster and recognizes it. Lim is leaving the lab, runs into Yi-kyung, and decides to help her see her fiancé. He asks her if she is ready to see him and also says it would be an interesting trigger response that can help with his experiment.

He senses soldiers coming in and closes the cell door. But the soldiers taze him and drag him out. Yi-kyung is inside the cell. Yeong-su wants to use the washroom and asks Chan-young to stop. They both get out. Inside, Su-yeong wakes up and is worried about not finding Yeong-su. She looked out the window and saw him, but Jae-hwan had turned. He attacks Su-yeong, but the new survivor starts shooting him, and all the survivors get out.

Outside, Jae-hwan starts shouting, which destabilizes all the survivors. Ji-su fights it and burns Jae-hwan. Her ears start to bleed as she stands watching him. Yeong-su tries to wake his sister up, but Su-yeong does not come back to consciousness.

Episode 3

The episode begins with bidding farewell to Su-yeong as she has passed away. They leave her on the bus and walk the rest of the way as instructed by Chan-young. Ui-myeong starts to heal, and he decides to rest until he is completely healed. Yi-kyung finally finds her fiancé, and seeing his state, she breaks down. She is in a lot of pain because of her pregnancy, and she faints. Ui-myeong finds her and sees her fall unconscious.

Dr. Lim was brought in front of the Prime Ministers and others and was shown a briefcase. He was asked to open it. When he does, there’s nothing inside. In the place where vaccines were supposed to be, it was empty. The Prime Minister is furious and asks him where they were at gunpoint. Dr. Lim does not reveal the location.

The Green Home survivors arrive at the shelter. There were a lot of procedures to enter the camp. The new survivor of the gang was beaten up as he decided not to give up his belongings, and the soldiers found a gun on him. All the survivors were then scratched on their hands to enter. They were then cleaned to check if they were turning into monsters.

Chan-young reports back, explaining he was parted on duty from his troop while looking at a poster that said he was a pitcher. Sergeant Tak was informed that the crow platoon would be dismissed, and the entire troop had to go back to the camp. He visits General Han, who says that it is true, and he warns him not to go to the shelter whatever happens.

At the shelter, Ji-su is in a lot of pain because of her injuries, but she was given a green signal to enter the shelter. Sergeant Tak asks General Han what he is hiding. Instead of answering the question, Han shoots himself. Meanwhile, Dr.Lim is shot by the Prime Minister and is threatened by him. He tells him he will bomb the shelter, and once everyone dies, there won’t be any issue. Dr. Lim agrees while laughing in an intimidating manner, and the bombing begins.

Once the bombing starts, all the survivors run to save themselves, and Green Home survivors are separated. Amidst this chaos, Ji-su finds Yeong-su and saves him. Sergeant Kim and Tak stop the Prime Minister and stop the bombing immediately. Turns out, the Prime Minister is turning as well. Meanwhile, Ui-myeong releases all the remaining monsters from their cells.

Yi-kyung is trying to get out of the place. Ui-myeong stops at Hyun-su’s cell and asks him how he is doing. He also contemplates if he should save him or let him die. Ui-myeong provokes him, and Hyun-su attacks. They start fighting, and Hyun-su turns into his monster form. Ui-myeong turns Hyun-su into a stone and asks him to die as he is no match for him.

Yi-kyung gets out of the place, breaks a frozen lake, and falls inside. Her water breaks, and she gives birth to a child. Eun-yu is awake and gets out to see Ji-su and Yeong-su. Ji-su sees a part of the building is about to fall on them and makes sure Yeong-su is out of the way. Eun-yu realizes what’s happening and begs Ji-su to get out, but her leg is pierced by a rod.

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She smiles at Eun-yu before the building crashes into her. Yi-kyung wakes up on the frozen lake and sees a monster child chewing on the umbilical cord. She realizes it’s her child and starts to weep. She drags herself towards the child. The military troop, along with Dr. Lim, walked up to a stadium nearby to take shelter, but there was another group of survivors there. They welcome them, and the leader of the group tells the military group that they can accommodate them.

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Episode 4

The episode begins on the 337th day of the monster crisis. The military men have joined forces together with the other survivors. They have taken the initiative to go out on expeditions to get required items for the survivors and also set rules for easy functioning. We see Eun-yu wake up in a tunnel. She finds her way to the underground camp below the stadium, where other survivors are there.

She is unwelcome as it is said that she killed Chief Ji’s (leader of the first group of survivors) husband. Only the military personnel are allowed to go out on expeditions, but Sang-jin and Dong-gi want to go out so they can get more loot. They try to argue with the military personnel, but they get intimidated. They then decide to talk to Chief Ji, who tells them that she will help them. But first, they have to do her a favor by following Eun-yu.

Chief Ji has a daughter, Ye-seul, who hangs out with Seon-hwa, who is mentally ill or pretends to be one. Eun-yu visits her and gives her lipsticks as an errand, but Ye-seul runs her mouth, which angers Eun-yu. She dunks Ye-seul’s face in an alcoholic drink she was making. Jun-il, who is autistic, follows Sang-jin and Dong-gi as they try to follow Eun-yu. They wonder how she was able to venture out and come back alive every day.

The military is running out of ammo and decides to look for it. They decide to leave the monsters unharmed if they don’t attack. Eun-yu, unaware of the people following her, continues on her path. She had tied red ribbons on her path as an indication. We see a flashback to the time she killed a man who may be Chief Ji’s husband, and she tied the red ribbon on him as well. Sang-jin is losing his mind and decides they should kill Eun-yu.

Jun-il goes into a garden area where he picks up medicine for his sick mother and also spots a girl sleeping. He touches her to wake her up. But all his memory comes flashing back to him, and she wakes up and tells him it was his fault for waking her and touching her. He turns into a monster. Chief Ji wants some people to help work outside and chooses people from her own and also lets Seung-wan join them. Mrs. Oh begged to join them outside as she wanted fresh air and didn’t want to feel like a burden.

Ye-seul has a crush on Chan-young. Seung-wan spots someone running away and alerts the others. Soldier Choi sees a hospital and, without informing his comrades, rushes to get medicines for Ji-na. Chan-young follows the running survivor, who turns out to be Mrs.Oh. She steps on a landmine, and Chan-young asks her not to lift her leg. He tries to calm her. She tells him that she wants to disappear quietly, but she is also afraid of dying. Mrs. Oh starts to get a nosebleed, a symptom of her monsterisation. Tak warns Chan-young that the mine can go off even if there is pressure, and he investigates the area.

Eun-yu figures out about the men following her, runs into a building, and tries to escape quietly. Sang-jin and Don-gi are distracted when they meet the same girl who is in the garden. The girl touches Dong-gi and turns into a monster, and he ends up attacking Sang-jin. As Eun-yu is trying to escape, she comes across many monsters. She fights them with all her might, but something or someone saves her.

It starts to rain, and the military troops realize Choi is missing and contemplate waiting for him or leaving. They hear a landmine blow off from the shelter and decide to leave immediately. Tak and Chan-young devise a plan to blow off the landmine without anyone getting hurt. Chan-young drives a jeep and lets it run while Tak saves Mrs.Oh. Eun-yu leaves the building crying, assuming Eun-hyuk has saved her. She begs for him to show himself, but the same girl appears in front of her, and she has a red ribbon on her arm.

Episode 5

The episode begins with Eun-yu trying to save herself and the girl from Dong-gi as he had turned into a monster. Dong-gi gets close to Eun-yu, and she gets ready to attack. But the girl stops him and asks her if she wants to kill him. The girl asks her if she is Eun-yu, and Eun-yu is shocked to find out that this girl knew her. As they are conversing, a baby monster attacks Eun-yu. Thankfully, the mystery girl stops it and tells it not to harm her.

As expected, the noise from the landmines woke the monsters, and they were making their way to the stadium. Tak watched this and alerted everyone in the stadium. Meanwhile, the troop that was out fired the last C4 and killed the monsters. Mrs. Oh was sent to an isolation area as she was showing symptoms of turning. Kim beats Chan-young for not being careful as his men are on the verge of dying.

Jun-il is found walking towards the stadium, and they take him in. Father Peter visits and talks about what the Prime Minister had done and brushes it off as an interesting story. He leaves Dr. Lim, but he takes medicines for Ji-na. Chan-young takes him to Dr. Lim, who agrees to treat Jun-il. He sees his scar of Jun-il and runs some blood tests on him. Chan-young asks Dr. Lim if monsters could choose who to attack, but Dr. Lim says they were monsters and they didn’t. However, if he sees that monster again, he has to capture it alive.

Ye-seul is furious and shows her concern toward Chan-young, but he isn’t able to understand that she likes him. Eun-yu is hurt and walks back to the shelter, and Ho-sang and Ha-ni watch her. Once she leaves, they take the loot from Sang-jin. Ha-ni suggests they take Sang-jin’s body as it had been a while. Chief Ji asks Tak to kill Mrs. Oh, but he refuses. Once she leaves, we see Tak take out shards from the landmine from his back.

Ye-seul gets to know that Seon-hwa likes Peter and drags her to the meeting. She blurts out to Peter that she likes him, and he is in shock to respond. Jin-ok asks Peter for a favor to meet Mrs.Oh and help her cope. Ji-na overhears military personnel fighting about whether or not they should find Choi and takes a drastic decision.

Dr. Lim realizes that Jun-il is a monster but still doesn’t show symptoms. He decides to use a trigger by saying he would take him to his mother, and he wakes up. Yeong-su is being bullied, and he fights back. Eun-yu stops him and asks him to be good, and he refuses and becomes a fighter to survive this world because he is all alone and everyone around him is dying. Chief Ji asks Mrs. Oh what she thinks about going out, and Mrs. Oh says she will leave the next day, and Chief Ji promises to help her.

Seok-chan reveals Choi’s relationship with Ji-na to Kim. Ji-na, on the other hand, decided to hang herself, and she was almost successful, but Eun-yu cut the cloth. She asks her to kill herself elsewhere as people tend to misunderstand her, and they blame her for her death. She gives her canned food and asks her to eat before she dies.

Eun-yu puts up Sang-jin’s ribbon as one more dead, and Chief Ji finds her. She asks her why people around her keep dying, and Eun-yu tells her to stop sending people to follow her. Chief Ji expressed that she wanted to kill her for killing her husband and wanted to forgive her as well. So she was waiting for her to turn into a monster to kill her with her own hands. Eun-yu does not admit to killing her husband, which angers Chief Ji further.

Peter finds Chan-young and tells him that Jun-il had followed Eun-yu out along with the other two, and Chan-young follows Eun-yu. He finds her feeding a cat and asks her about the monster protecting her and if it is the same thing she was looking for. At that moment, the same girl from before appears in front of her.

She gives her hand to Eun-yu, telling her she would take her to her brother. Chan-young sees someone else along with the girl and asks Eun-yu to stand back. From behind the bushes, Yi-kyung with a plaster over one eye, a red ribbon over her hand, and a gun in her hand. She promised not to shoot, and she only wanted to take the child (the girl) with her. Eun-yu is shocked to see Yi-kyung is alive.

Episode 6

The episode begins with Eun-yu in shock at seeing Yi-kyung. Yi-kyung tells Eun-yu that she doesn’t want to get into the shelter, nor does she want her help, and she ties the girls’ hands and takes her away. Eun-yu follows them, and Chan-young follows her. Eun-yu almost falls into a pit, and Chan-young tries to rescue her, but Ho-sang pushes him inside.

Jun-il is taken to see his mother, and he asks her to die so she will never be in pain and gives her herbicide. She still does not die, and the monster in him wakes up, and he stabs her to death. He also explodes and dies, splashing his blood all over Dr. Lim. He informs Tak about the situation, and he makes up a story that Mrs. Oh had become a monster and attacked her son and burned the place down.

Yi-kyung takes the girl to a boat, and they row back to a bigger boat near the bridge that was attacked. Chief Ji looks at a photograph of her and two other men and asks them to hang in there, but she is interrupted by Ye-seul. She warns Ye-seul never to enter that room ever again. During the daily roll call, Tak announces Mrs. Oh’s death, and Chief Ji is furious because of it.

Tak was informed that Eun-yu and Chan-young were missing. They all look for hidden exits to the stadium. He asks Chief Ji if she knows something, but she pretends not to know. He leaves her room, telling her to come to him if she changes her mind about revealing her secrets. Ye-seul annoys her mother again and gets slapped for it.

In the pit, Eun-yu tells Chan-young about Eun-hyuk while they hear monsters roaming around above. After a while, a rope is thrown down, and they get back up. Gasoline is sprayed over them, and Ho-sang kills a monster. He is wild at them for ruining his monster trap. He ties them up, locks them up, and promises to let them go the next day.

On the boat, the girl sees Yi-kyung (her mother) sleeping and touches her to wake her up, and in that state, she pushes the girl to the floor. She tries to comfort her but hesitates to touch her. The girl asks Yi-kyung if she is still afraid of her because she has hurt her once before. Yi-kyung tells her that she has locked her up for her good.

In a flashback, we see the girl as a child being attacked by some men; she grows up and turns into a monster and protects herself before her mother can do anything. At present, the baby monster tries to get up the boat. Yi-kyung tries to kill it, but the girl stops her mother. She reminds her mother about the ugly emotions she had when she was born and jumps into the water.

Eun-yu makes a deal with Ha-ni and gets away from the place. Ha-ni then forces Chan-young to hang out with her and gives him something to drink, which makes him fall unconscious. Kim gets an SOS signal from Choi. Tak is becoming a monster, and Dr. Lim asks him to let him out so he can develop something that can make him a special ‘infected.’ Eun-yu goes back to the botanical garden and finds the girl. She asks to see Yi-kyung and then calls her ‘Mom,’ and Eun-yu is shocked. The girl pushes Eun-yu into a pit, saying that her mother and all people are bad, but Hyun-su rescues Eun-yu.

Episode 7

The episode begins with a flashback to the time Yi-kyung gave birth. She wants to kill her child, but Hyun-su is watching them. Therefore, she decides to leave her child in Hyun-su’s care, and he raises the child. She had always watched her child grow up from afar but finally decided to raise her, assuming she was normal. Because of the incident during the girl’s childhood, Yi-kyung’s fears return.

In the present, Hyun-su saves Eun-yu, and she is grateful to him. She tries to talk to him, but he just walks away. Ho-sang adds to the misery and comes up with a gun, making Hyun-su move away from them. He also tells Eun-yu to get lost if she were to hang out with monsters. The girl is mad at Hyun-su for saving humans. She tells him she does not need him and she will make humans pay for what they have done to her friends.

Hyun-su rushes to the boat as the girl mentions that their house is on fire. Yi-kyung had fallen unconscious on the boat, and the baby monster was trying to protect her. Hyun-su reaches on time and saves them both. Yi-kyung gains consciousness and expresses her confused feelings about monsters and people, and Hyun-su tells her that monsters were once humans as well and that the baby monster had saved her.

Ho-sang and Eun-yu get back to the van to find Chan-young poisoned. Ho-sang runs to fetch the antidote. Chan-young refuses to take it, but Eun-yu forces him to, and he is back to normal. In the shelter, Kim decides to look for Choi on his own, but the entire troop, along with Dr. Lim, joins him. Seon-hwa takes Ye-seul to Peter’s mass. There, they figure there is something between Peter and Ji-na. To lighten the mood, they drink and dance.

Dr. Lim wants to use the washroom, and they decide to stop mid-way, but a group of monsters start attacking them. They barely manage to escape and discuss the changed behavior of monsters as they used to never work in groups. Once they reach the research center, the group splits up. In the shelter, Ye-seul decides to help out, and Jin-guk and Chief Ji hear a monster in the building.

Chief Ji seems to be hiding something as she requests Ye-seul for help. Jin-guk seeks help from Tak and informs him of the monster, but the troop is already aware as all their devices are showing a monster threat. All the survivors are assembled, and just as Chief Ji reaches the place, Ye-seul sneaks out. Tak informs the group that each man is for himself and they shouldn’t trust anyone. All the members cut themselves to prove that they aren’t monsters.

They were also informed that anyone hiding symptoms or protecting such people would be taken out immediately. Chief Ji notices Tak has not cut himself and asks him to prove he isn’t a monster. Tak cuts himself deep, and at that moment, the lights go out, and Tak escapes from being identified.

At the research center, Lim finds an evolved monster and wants to take a sample against Kim’s orders. U –seok is taken by a monster, and Kim and Seok-chan leave Lim alone to help Seo-jin’s group. At Ho-sang’s camp, Hyun-su arrives holding Yi-kyung, and Eun-yu hugs him. He asks for help, but Ho-sang shoots Hyun-su.

He threatens to kill all of them for involving themselves with the monsters. Ha-ni stops the chaos and asks Ho-sang to get in the van, and they leave. In the shelter, Tak is hallucinating, and the monster is telling him he is a hypocrite and a coward. Dong-jun enters the room and tries to talk to Tak, but he won’t answer and is staring at the mirror in front of him.

A still from Sweet Home Season 2.

Episode 8

The episode begins with Chief Ji taking Seung-wan secretly to her room as she needs a favor from him. She asks him to check something for her, but he is afraid. She tells him that she wanted to expand the area so symptomatic people can be isolated. Seung-wan is skeptical, and she reminds him that he is symptomatic as well and she is doing him a favor.

Dong-jun talks to Tak and shows him that the wire was deliberately cut during last night’s roll call. They find Ye-seul’s ring near the area and confront her. She denies doing any such thing. They bring her to Chief Ji and ask her if she is aware of this. Chief Ji slaps her daughter and tells them she doesn’t know anything about it.

Chief Ji gets back to Seung-wan and tells him that she will help him out. She takes him to a dark underground tunnel, kicks him, and locks him there. As she closes the door, we can hear a monster from below. Seo-jin and Jong-hyun continue to look for Choi but see many monsters below them and are almost taken. At that time, a stranger, Chi-seong, takes them to a room, saying it is safe, and locks them there.

Kim and Seok-chan continue to look for the others and find a girl inside a closet in the clinic. Seok-chan helps her out, and she leads them to a location where she says there are other survivors. They meet Choi there, who is isolated as he shows symptoms. Seok-chan stays with Choi, and Kim asks the girl to lead the way to the other survivors. Choi gives him the medicine for Ji-na and asks him to get away from the place.

Meanwhile, Hyun-su, Chan-young, and Eun-yu find an abandoned hospital and try to help save Yi-kyung. Yi-kyung could not be saved, and Hyun-su tells Eun-yu that she wanted to die and, hence, stayed on the burning boat. Hyun-su asks about the others, and Eun-yu updates him about the deaths and asks him about Eun-hyuk, but he doesn’t know anything about him. She still thanks him for coming back to her.

Chan-young asks Eun-yu if Hyun-su was the one who had killed Chief Ji’s husband. She tells him that he was showing symptoms and hence was killed. But she had opened the shelter and didn’t want to ruin things for her because of that, and neither did she want to tell the crown platoon as Hyun-su would be in danger. Hyun-su goes to meet Yi-kyung’s daughter and tells her mother is dying.

The girl asks him if he doesn’t want her to die, and he refuses, and she joins him at the hospital. Yi-kyung apologizes to the girl, and she stays with her until the end, holding her hand. She gets out and tells Hyun-su not to cry as her mother would not die and walks away. Yi-kyung turns into a monster, and Chan-young shoots her, but she recovers. She then attacks Hyun-su, who can see her memories.

Yi-kyung is fighting the battle between being good and bad, and Hyun-su throws her into a pit. Eun-yu waits for him to recover and bids farewell to Chan-young. Ho-sang and Ha-ni drive away in search of a safe spot. Ho-sang stops to drink and realizes Ha-ni has drugged it, making him fall unconscious. Dr. Lim touches the cocoon but is distracted by Ui-myeong.

Sweet Home (Season 2) Ending, Explained:

Is Eun-hyuk dead or a monster?

Lim is shown his test subject and reveals himself to him by saying he was his first test subject and his friend Sang-won (Yi-kyung’s fiancé). In the trapped room, Jong-hyun is attacked, leaving Seo-jin immobile because of the shock. The girl leads Kim to Chi-seong, who refuses to let Choi go as he is giving him a chance to be able to control the monster within him. Kim shoots him, but the girl attacks him. Hyun-su is taken over, and Eun-yu asks the monster to go away and bring back Hyun-su. The cocoon that had formed finally breaks, and Eun-hyuk walks out and smirks while the other monsters watch.

The end of season two of Sweet Home gives a glimpse of what may come in the upcoming season. Eun-hyuk seems to look like the king of the monster world. All the crown platoon members are being attacked, and their fate is yet to be decided. Chief Ji is probably keeping her husband in the underground, and he eats symptomatic people that Chief Ji sends. Tak’s monster is yet to be unleashed, and if it does, the people in the shelter are at great risk.

As we saw Eun-hyuk, we hoped to see Ji-su in the next season as all we saw was a black screen and the sound of the building falling, but we didn’t see her death clearly. Peter seems to be messing around with people, and where does his character take him? Will Hyun-su go back to being the kind monster, or has he turned completely? Will Yi-kyung’s daughter become like the old Hyun-su? Many more questions are yet to be answered.

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