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Black and White Horror Films Night of the living dead

10 Classic Black and White Horror Films That Still Hold Up

Horror cinema has been through a lot of ups and downs over the past century, but one thing has always remained the same: you can’t beat the classics. It’s an age-old saying, but one that certainly has its merits. Though the genre is ever-evolving and the case can be made for better eras in horror, black-and-white classics are the roots that would sprout something everlasting – paving the way for the films of today.


Every Andrei Tarkovsky Film Ranked

The rigidity of emphasizing the narratives, character development, and steady linearity of the story is reflective of the quintessential methods associated with filmmaking and storytelling. Its resultant dissemination to the people associates…

Facial Surgery Movies

10 Best Movies on Crisis-Ridden Facial Surgery

10 Best Movies on Crisis-Ridden Facial Surgery: Faces are immensely important. First impressions are said to be formed based on a person’s looks, although it is also said that it takes 5…