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Akaler Sandhane (1980)

Akaler Sandhane (1980) : A Famine within A Famine

As second wave of the virus hits us to continue this pandemic which now feels no short of a famine, and as Mrinal Sen’s 98th birthday just passed us by, what can…

The Shining

The Shining [1980]: Claustrophobia And Insanity

It’s no secret that the great Stephen King preferred to stay away from the film adaptation of his best-seller “The Shining”. Directed by the epochal Stanley Kubrick (having seen in the acclaimed…

Borg McEnroe [2017]: The IceBorg versus the SuperBrat

The sharp and kinetic editing rendering the relentless appeal, unblemished period design, muted colours, exquisitely shot and stunning aerial photography, we are able to suspend all disbelief that we’re watching a sports film.