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Taipei Story

Taipei Story (1985): A City in Purgatory

What Antonioni managed to depict with ‘L’avventura’ and the succeeding two films in his ‘Alienation’ trilogy was how the physical world can violently impose itself on individuals. Not nature, but man-made structures.…

Back to the future

Back to the Future [1985] Review: Pure Sci-Fi Delight

A properly weighted mix of blockbuster filmmaking & quality storytelling Back to the Future (1985) is pure sci-fi delight that’s as intelligent as it is entertaining and makes for one of the…

The 9 Best Films of the Australian New Wave

From roughly the beginning of the ‘70s to the end of the ‘80s, a sudden resurgence of films in Australia flooded the local film scene with more than a handful of master-strokes comparable in quality and artistic merit to the concurrent movements occurring in the USA and the UK.