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Few reasons why ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ is an incredible piece of Tragicomedy

With Little Miss Sunshine, Michael Arndt, the Oscar winning screenwriter, completely challenges the idea of bifurcating people into two sets of ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ – two extreme zones, cultivated by the society, that is  just not true and is a very problematic idea of success that we put ourselves through.

United 93 [2006]: “Real World Situation !”

United 93 1
Every time I watch a 9/11 movie, the first thing I do is dig about the film’s authenticity. How much of it was true to the original happenings and how much of it was fictionalised to create drama and if I am comfortable with the added drama. The thing with 9/11 is that it leaves a lot of room for dramatisation and unnecessary heroism and when handled by a not so mature filmmaker, it easily ends up becoming a propaganda film, an ‘american’ film. Fortunately, nothing like that happens in Paul Greengrass’ United 93.

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Taxidermia [2006] Review: An Astounding Universe of Flesh and Blood

If a movie opens with a guy squirting fire from his penis, you know what to expect. And yet, you’re not prepared for what awaits. György Pálfi’s Taxidermia is a three course meal of lust, gluttony and pride. It spans over three generations of Balatony family- a lecherous soldier, an athlete in sport of speed eating and a taxidermist. The only connecting link among them is their unhealthy obsessions. This Hungarian tragicomedy is full of sickeningly surreal vignettes, but even the most outlandish imagery.