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Australian New Wave

Australian New Wave – Films of the ’80s

In its resurgence in the ‘70s, Australian cinema was admirable in how much it was able to suddenly emulate the quality of the films being released in the USA and Britain. But just like in these countries, this quality declined in the ‘80s, though still offered an exciting time for cinema and how it could reflect our cultures of this specific era.

Where the Green Ants Dream [1984]: Quintessential Herzogian Splendour

Where the Green Ants Dream is considered a somewhat dud, released in the wake of Herzog’s highly regarded German masterpieces, but I believe it’s certainly in need of a revival, as it is nowhere near the disaster critics claimed it was upon release and it never has quite accumulated the sort of new-found appreciation it always deserved. It should be held in high esteem close to that of Herzog’s German films, as it is one of the more socio-politically significant films to be made in Australia, and (despite some flaws in its presentation) a rather entertaining, spectacular, and amusing one to boot.

Introduction to Adult Animated Comedies of the ‘70s and ‘80s

It’s safe to say that a hefty amount of cartoons nowadays (whether they be films, TV shows, or internet videos) are produced and targeted with adults as their primary audience. With each generation of folks being brought up with more and more exposure to cartoons, it seems many adults now are less and less inclined to think of cartoons as just being for kids (a similar attitude has been brought upon video games). With the likes of South Park and Family Guy bringing adult humour in cartoons to a mainstream fore, followed up by the vast array of adult cartoon comedy shows of Comedy Central to Adult Swim to Netflix, it appears cartoons for adults has been the norm since around the late ‘90s.