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10 Overlooked Fantasy Films That You Probably Didn’t See

Fantasy is so often rigidly defined and cornered into just Swords and Sorcery films. It can be so much more and so much more, well, fantastic! Instead of offering you ten of the best films, or any arbitrary ranking, I’m offering instead ten films that sometimes get overlooked as fantasy. It might broaden the spectrum of what it is we call fantasy and what is under the realm of the fantastical.

The 50 Best Films Of 2016

If I could describe 2016 in three words it would be – Poetry, grief and terror. The three recurring themes ran through almost all of the films on this list. They came…

MAMI Film Festival 2016

20 Must See Films at JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, 2016

Fueled by every possible genre of cinematic independence, the Mumabi Film Festival is here again. A time of the year when every single cinema lover like us gets pissed-off at their respective bosses and bring their ass Mumbai for this grand event. A place where people not only see films but celebrate films. They wait in queues and gossip about their love for films. A place which is more home that you make it out to be. Like a yearly ritual, we wait for this week of cinematic boners and ever enlightening storms. And while every single one of us believes in watching as many films as possible, time binds us to a bear minimum.

75 Most Anticipated Films of 2016

Screw all the never ending Sequels releasing this year that are made to earn billion bucks, Fcuk Superhero films that seem to be fucked by perpetual reproducing mutant. We ain’t that excited…

Jodorowsky and Lynch Go Boating

This article aims to illuminate the fact that the Chilean cult figure Alejandro Jodorowsky and American auteur David Lynch share a common ground aside their doomed project DUNE, and it has nothing to do with boating, as the title misleadingly suggests. One’s dream is someone else’s reality. Jodorowsky’s ambitious unborn baby is Lynch’s nauseating half born fetus (Eraserhead reference). But let’s not brood over DUNE now, as there is already a remarkable documentary