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Schneider vs Bax [2015]: ‘MAMI’ Review – A straight-forward genre affair that balances its surreal sensibilities with dark humor

Schneider vs. Bax is not just about who wins, it’s also about who is better. Alex van Warmerdam’s work is masterful as he doesn’t let the viewers get invested in one of the sides. He makes both his central characters equally unlikable. Schneider vs. Bax mounts the body count without caring about who should be in and who should be out. It’s one of those violent, twisty comedies whose slick telling, offsets some hilariously cut-flinching narrative moments. It’s like a Coen brothers film with limited screen space for the action to go down.

The Nightmare in Cinema

‘The Nightmare’ by Henry Fuseli is a household name among art connoisseurs. Such is the notoriety of this Gothic masterpiece that it needs no introduction. In this painting, a lady is sleeping with an incubus crouched atop her chest. A mare (horse), supposedly vehicle of incubus, is witnessing the whole act. The painting derives its roots from folklore, referring to evil spirits who descends upon sleeping persons. What does it imply? The interpretations of its hidden symbolisms run the gamut from sexual struggle to sleep paralysis.