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Green Room [2015]: Movie Review

Martin Luther King, Jr. once famously said: “Violence begets violence”. While this is certainly true, sometimes violence is a necessity in order to ensure one’s survival. As is the case with Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room which finds a punk rock band literally fighting for their lives after they’re enclosed in a single room by a bloodthirsty group of neo-Nazi skinheads. Saulnier initially turned heads with his 2013 revenge thriller Blue Ruin.

Experimenter [2015] Review : An Unconventional and Refreshing Biopic

Isn’t the word biopic brings to our mind certain elements? An actor imparting an Oscar worthy (or is it called ‘award-bait’?) performance? a characteristic prologue, flashbacks, and epilogue that makes us go ‘wow’? Splendidly filmed & edited sentimental montages? Only few filmmakers transcend all these conventional elements of a biopic, like what Spielberg did in “Lincoln” or Spike Lee in “Malcolm X”. While, few other film-makers totally deviate from the ‘biopic’ rules and remain uninterested in setting off the audience’s emotional fireworks.

5 to 7

5 to 7 [2014] Review: Cinq à Sept with The Mermaid

“Some of the best writing in New York won’t be found in books, or movies, or plays, but on the benches of Central Park. Read the benches and you understand.” Throughout the film, we will come across random plaques engraved on the benches of Central Park, sometimes signifying the status of the film at that point, sometimes just randomly carrying the plot forward.