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David Lynch Universe

The Anatomy of David Lynch

Today we are going to dissect David Lynch- a dealer of dreams, a merchant of mysteries and moods, a fanciful gentleman with the great wave on his head, and above all, an artist who never shy away from showing hideousness of human nature. In this session, we will focus on integral organs of Lynchian body. This is going to be bloody, and when I say bloody, I mean it. If you are squeamish, I reckon you should stop right here, ‘cause I don’t want my room stinkin’ with your barf, that’s for sure.

The Nightmare in Cinema

‘The Nightmare’ by Henry Fuseli is a household name among art connoisseurs. Such is the notoriety of this Gothic masterpiece that it needs no introduction. In this painting, a lady is sleeping with an incubus crouched atop her chest. A mare (horse), supposedly vehicle of incubus, is witnessing the whole act. The painting derives its roots from folklore, referring to evil spirits who descends upon sleeping persons. What does it imply? The interpretations of its hidden symbolisms run the gamut from sexual struggle to sleep paralysis.