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Shoojit Sircar Movies - Vicky Donar (2012)

Every Shoojit Sircar Film Ranked

If variety is the spice of life then Shoojit Sircar is one of the spiciest filmmakers of India. With a career spanning over almost sixteen years, Sircar has directed films whose subjects…

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Tamasha (2015): A Tale of Drama, Love, and Dualism

Tamasha (2015): A Tale of Drama, Love, and Dualism: Once upon a time, there happens a chance meeting of two individuals in Corsica, who make a pact to not reveal their identities…

Sardar Udham Singh - Upcoming exciting Bollywood Movies of 2020

Upcoming Bollywood Movies of 2020

The Latest and Upcoming Bollywood Movies of 2020: 2019 has been an interesting year for Bollywood so far. It has touched both extremes of the spectrum. On one side, there are films…

Even After 5 Years, Tamasha Still Pushes You To Write Your Own Myth

Imtiaz Ali has written a story that’s a satire on life. A life that has been lead by following the crowd & doing what makes you hate yourself. The film shouts at the audience, telling them to stop coating themselves with layers of sorry, snobbish lies & camouflaging yourself just to sound good. The film is an ode to all the hidden and long lost artists who once had a dream, a dream that they relished when things weren’t all that serious. It asks you to dance over that random power-point presentation which was made following a tedious routine just to land with a stupid pat on the back.

‘Tamasha’ and the Problem of living your Dreams

For a film that dares you to live your dreams (the big fat cliché of our times), a film which has a “troubled” storyteller at its centre,Tamasha never rises to inventive narrative heights. Despite the Rumi quote about unfolding your own myth, it relies heavily on beaten to death stereotypes to create a very ordinary story and interjects it with flashes of popular sagas (Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha…) to make the full package appear hip or profound. It doesn’t create any myth.