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Celebrating Secularism With Shahrukh Khan’s Pathaan (2023)

When Shahrukh Khan sang, “chaand taare tod laoon, saari duniya par main chhaoon” the universe must have said Yes Boss! We can see those veritable stars shining and hooting inside every film…

Pathaan (2023) Movie Ending Explained (2)

Pathaan (2023) Movie Ending, Explained: Does Jim die in the end?

Pathaan (2023) Movie Ending Explained: In an article for The Caravan, Eram Agha writes that Bollywood’s biggest superstar has been intimidated into silence through consistent abuse from the Hindu right-wing for his…


Tenet Movie Explained: Ending & Terminologies Analysed

Tenet Movie Ending Explained & Terminologies Analyzed: Christopher Nolan’s most recent science-fiction venture has essentially all the elements that have become characteristic of his filmmaking style – non-linear storytelling, temporal manipulation, familial estrangement,…