Tag: Grief

Antichrist [2009]: An Unnerving Portrait of Grief, Pain & Despair

The first entry in Lars von Trier’s Depression Trilogy “Antichrist” is an increasingly disturbing but consistently gripping experimental horror that’s unnerving, unsettling & unforgiving in its depiction of grief, pain & despair but…

The Long Excuse [2016] – Life after an Irredeemable Loss

Japanese film-maker Miwa Nishikawa’s protagonist Sachio Kinugasa (played by Japanese star Masahiro Motoki) — in her heart-warming drama The Long Excuse (2016) – is a difficult personality to like. In a casual…

Our Little Sister [2015] Review: A Marvelous Addition to Kore-eda’s Brand of Humanist Cinema

The Japanese master of modern family dramas, Hirokazu Kore-eda, in the past two decades has created a body of work that gracefully and subtly explores the fascinating private worlds of emotionally vulnerable individuals. Since Kore-eda fleshes out his emotionally complex characters without employing high-strung drama, his works may disappoint those expecting neatly aligned conflicts and respective resolutions.