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10 Best Denzel Washington Movie Performances

Denzel Washington, like the iconic trailblazer Sidney Poitier, mastered the movie stardom which was long denied to African-American actors of Hollywood. Mr. Poitier emerged at a pivotal time in the history of…

Margot Robbie in I, Tonya (2017)

The Top 25 Best Sports Movies of All-Time

Everyone loves a good sports movie. The training montages, the big games, and the team camaraderie; there‚Äôs something about witnessing sports on screen that tends to resonate with audiences of all ages.…

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A Spike Lee Joint: He Got Game [1998]

Amidst its unfortunate and uncompelling tangents, He Got Game, at its meaty core, is another strong work from Lee, Washington, and co., passionate in not only its central sport, but the characters surrounding it.