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The 15 Best Studio Ghibli Movies

The expansive Ghibli studio universe consists of 22 feature-length films (more exist outside the periphery of regular feature lengths), which are mostly marked by their rapturous storylines, remarkable characters, and euphoric animations.…

10 Films the HOF-Men Recommend: 5th Edition

Here are the 10 films that made it to the 5th edition of our ‘HOF-Men Recommend’ Series. You can check out previous  editions at the end of this post. 1. Involuntary [2008]…

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When Marnie Was There [2015]: The Ones who Love us never really Leave us.

In the end, “When Marnie Was There” comes as a little film with a big heart, which is about the troubles a lonely subdued child can face during adolescence and how she gets through it; but what it really about is Love and how strong Love can be.