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All Asghar Farhadi Movies Ranked

All Asghar Farhadi Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

Iranian cinema seems to enthuse itself. Even after decades of “New Wave” Iranian films first touching the Western shores, they refuse to wash their hands off their precise domesticity that made their…

Majid Majidi Movies - The Song of the Sparrows

The 10 Most Essential Majid Majidi Films

Iranian New Wave movement started off in the 60s, with Hajir Darioush’s film, Serpent’s Skin. Political movements were the dynamics leading to the rise of the New Wave in Iran. And holding…

Oblivion Verses [2017]: ‘TIFF’ Review

In his screenwriting book, Robert Mckee says that story is a metaphor for life. But can story be a metaphor for death? Every grave has a story to tell. This is the story of an elderly morgue attendant whose sole purpose in life is to give meaning to death.
Part minimalist human drama, part surreal fantasy, Oblivion Verses is kind of movie Kiarostami would’ve made if he were high on acid.