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The wind

The Wind [2019] Review: A Menacing Portrait of Isolation

A folkloric tale of madness, paranoia & things that go bump in the night, The Wind is an exquisitely photographed & thoroughly unnerving atmospheric horror that makes terrific use of its desolate…

Sparrows (2015): A Harrowing Tale of Adolescent Metamorphosis

Icelandic writer/director Runar Runarsson’s feature film debut “Volcano” (2011 – screened at Cannes Directors’ Fortnight) offered a unsentimental take on the day-to-day tribulations of an old couple (Haneke’s “Amour” looked strikingly similar…

Serpico [1973] – A Paradox Known as ‘Honest Cop’

“Serpico” (130 minutes) is an enthralling and intense character-driven crime drama, chronicling one man’s battle to improve the system by strictly preserving his own personal ethics. It must be watched for Sidney Lumet’s authentic portrayal and Al Pacino’s electric performance.