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Tony Sopranos

A Critical Examination of The Sopranos

A crisis-stricken mob boss, who suffered a fainting spell, walks into a therapist’s office. And so begins Analyze This, by Harold Ramis; oh wait, let me rephrase, so begins The Sopranos, by…

Her 2013 directed by Spike Jonze

Every Spike Jonze Film Ranked

Movies of Spike Jonze always arrive as an ocean of emotions, tide of traumas, surge of solitude, cave of confusion. On that island of insecurities, there lives a castaway, whose story is sadly funny. From creating music videos to making a futuristic video game with a character that curses like a motherfucker, Spike Jonze has come a long way. In his brief filmography he has proved that his dark, occasionally satirical humor gives you a strange kind of happiness. One that cannot be explained.

Tony Soprano from The Sopranos

Tony Soprano – Made in America

Tony Soprano: Made in America – The first fifteen minutes of  The Sopranos‘ pilot reaffirms my belief in the saying that good art can be determined by just a couple of minutes…

Tom Hardy Movies

The 10 Best Tom Hardy Movies

The 10 Best Tom Hardy Movies: Born Edward Thomas Hardy, Tom Hardy is a name we see in most blockbuster films of the past decade. He started his career with minor roles…