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25 Best Indie Romantic Comedy Movies Of the Century

The Romantic-Comedy genre has served cheeseballs to audiences who have often flocked to them for a pat on the back for years. It has not only provided the audience with the much-needed…

15 Must-See Coming Of Age Films Of 2016

Every year there are films that point out to the common themes of loneliness, alienation & human connection. There were also stories that anchor a protagonist(s) freeing away from the shackles of the society, leading their own way into solace. As I look back at the year that went by, I couldn’t help myself from pointing out these 15 films that have the recurring theme of coming-of-age slowly tucked under them.

Sing Street [2016] : Fractured Lives and Broken Dreams

Review by Amrit Rukhaiyaar John Carney’s Sing Street isn’t necessarily a film about music or musicians, but the way it uses music in its narrative, it sure appears like one. Sing Street is a…

Sing Street [2016]: Finding the voice!

While being a terrific tribute to the late 80s bands that include the likes of Duran-Duran and The Cure, Sing Street is a heart-felt, feel good film that plays all the right cords and glides along beautifully into the sea of emotions that run through your head. The first love, and the first big decision is life have been presented with such delicacy that with all its issues, it still manages to win you over, again and again. Of all the compliments I can give to Carney’s film, it being absolutely adorable is the most fitting one.

Double Feature : John Carney’s Once (2007) & Begin Again (2014)

Being a John Cassavetes fan John Carney believes that films don’t need a big crew and grandeur production qualities, rather he believes that a film can be made with only two characters walking down a road humming their favorite tunes and talking their mutual love for Music. When you look at both the films, you find a striking similarity. Both the films have two characters – A guy and A girl, ironically named so in his first feature, who are lost in more ways then one. They are not necessarily love stories or even stories about love, But Love is a driving force that pulls them out of the mundane and lonely life, bonding and befriending to create something sensationally original and oh-so-pleasing to the eardrums.