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Under the Skin starring Scarlett Johansson Underrated Movies of 2014

75 Best Movies of The 2010s Decade

The 75 Best Movies of the 2010s Decade The decade of the 2010s was a wild cinematic ride, taking me on a coming-of-age journey unlike any other. It all began with a…

Margaret [2011] Review: A real coming-of-age drama

This makes this one of the better coming-of-age films out there – instead of the usual horniness and solipsism and stale sentimentality that permeates this sub-genre, Margaret takes a far more thoughtful and intelligent perspective, showing that growing up is to do with widening your awareness of others, not limiting it.

Manchester by the Sea [2016]: The Man of Constant Sorrow

He sits on the dinner table. Shoulders drooped with burden of a lifetime over them, eyes heavy with the past swelling inside them and a face bearing tragedies of unforgettable losses. Raising…

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Manchester By The Sea [2016]: Devastating tale of a broken man.

Manchester By The Sea, directed by Kenneth Lonergan is the cinematic expression of the term “Happy Sad” (made popular by John Carney’s delightful Sing Street, also released in 2016). Although the sadness…