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Matt Damon in and as Jason Bourne

10 Films To Watch If You Like The Jason Bourne Movies

The Jason Bourne movies are one of the most successful spy movie franchises in modern times. Not only has it collectively proven to be a commercial success, but they have also done…


15 Great Psychological Crime Thrillers with Shocking Plot Twists

Psychological Crime Thrillers: Psychological films are usually brilliant and fascinating to watch as they stimulate the audience’s minds, leaving them amazed as the plot unfolds. These films become even more enjoyable when…

Gone Girl (2014)

The 20 Best Revenge Movies of All Time

The 20 Best Revenge Movies of All Time: Revenge is never a straight line. The instinct for revenge is universal, automatic, strong, and immediate. It also serves a function: to deter the…

Every Christopher Nolan Film Ranked

Christopher Nolan has made films that question the audience and doesn’t let them go once they are synced in. He crafts his films like they are his own infant children, works hard…

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan Always Uses These 5 Things In His Films

Christopher Nolan is unarguably one of the 21st century’s most inspiring, groundbreaking, and innovative filmmakers in Hollywood. Since his debut with the film Following (1999), he’s been enthralling audiences with hits after…

Guy Pearce Movies

4 Important Guy Pearce Movies You Simply Can’t Miss

This British-Australian actor came into the limelight with Curtis Hanson crime-thriller L.A Confidential where he played Detective Sergeant Edmund “Ed” Exley, an intelligent, ruthless and morally ambitious fellow. While he was absolutely brilliant in the role, he was quietly over-shadowed by the likes of Kevin Spacey & Russell Crowe. But his most widely known is Christopher Nolan’s psychological thriller Memento. Now a cult, Memento chronicled the life of Leonard who is vulnerable and confused because he is unable to form new memories.