[WATCH] Video Essay Explores How Christopher Nolan Manipulates Time

In his latest video Essay, Luís Azevedo of Beyond The Frame explores how ‘Time’ is an important constraint in almost all Christopher Nolan films. In an interview, Nolan said that he has always been fascinated by the subjectivity of time. As to how anything could have a different point of view if see through a time lens. This can really be understood in a simpler way. For instance, each Nolan film also gets a wee bit different with every passing year. Each viewing either gets you to love it more or learn a thing or two about the younger self that judged it in the first place. The video explores how Nolan is obsessed with the idea of time. How he intriguingly represents the stillness and motions of time through visuals and sounds and how time eventually becomes one of the key elements in his films that explore heavy themes. Through the passage of time, he confuses the audience but he also believes in guiding the audience towards the right direction which makes his film all the more relatable. Check out the wonderful video essay which Luis has made in collaboration with Little White Lies.

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