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The 10 Best Movies Based on TV Shows

The 10 Best Movies Based on TV Shows. While compiling the list of the best movies based on TV shows, I came across many interesting findings. There are those within the film/television…

The Insider [1999]: Tobacco & Truth Kill

At the running length of 157 mins, Michael Mann has engineered one of the flawless films that exponentially raise the tension with every passing second. Each frame is impeccably placed; every cut seems to be a masterstroke; every character seems to have born to play that respective part. Like, Wigand’s attorney bawling on other attorney who constantly interrupts him during questioning to Wigand in Kentucky Court.

Thief [1981]: A Crafty, Existential Heist Thriller

“Michael Mann’s “Thief” is a film of style, substance, and violently felt emotion, all wrapped up in one of the most intelligent thrillers I’ve seen.” – Roger Ebert Glistening wet streets, intense…