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Hugo [2011] Review: As Endearing As It Is Frustrating

All the initial expectations & excitement set up by its impressive opening track shot is unfortunately lost in this long & lingering movie about movies advertised as a family-friendly adventure to its…

Miss Sloane [2016]: An Aaron Sorkin Imitation

Aaron Sorkin, quite like Quentin Tarantino, has clearly past the reputation of being just a great screenwriter, rather he is a writing style now. The type, less talented writers try to imitate…

A Serious Man [2009]: Facing the Elusive, Malevolent Unknown

Human mind is often haunted by this age-old question and requests for an answer through prayers or while talking to high priests. The question is: Why do bad things happen to good people? We try our best to be good. We show love to others & yearn for others’ love. We do our jobs & duties, hoping for some recognition from our peers. But, still bad things happen to us. Our beliefs are shattered; frustration & emotional pain surges; uncertainty confounds us. If you are religious, you want to know if God has any control over this world or if the ‘bad things’ just a series of tests to challenge our faith?