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Every Andrei Tarkovsky Film Ranked

The rigidity of emphasizing the narratives, character development, and steady linearity of the story is reflective of the quintessential methods associated with filmmaking and storytelling. Its resultant dissemination to the people associates…

Stranger Things – An Imperfect Yet Captivating Netflix Series

That opening shot which shows the infinite splendor of star-clad, nighttime sky and the dark, deserted corridors of an enigmatic government laboratory, Duffer Brothers’ thrilling Netflix series “Stranger Things” takes us back…

Our Little Sister [2015] Review: A Marvelous Addition to Kore-eda’s Brand of Humanist Cinema

The Japanese master of modern family dramas, Hirokazu Kore-eda, in the past two decades has created a body of work that gracefully and subtly explores the fascinating private worlds of emotionally vulnerable individuals. Since Kore-eda fleshes out his emotionally complex characters without employing high-strung drama, his works may disappoint those expecting neatly aligned conflicts and respective resolutions.