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The Other Side Of Everything [2017]: ‘TIFF’ Review

The Other Side of Everything [2017] – Examining Serbian Political History through a Lonely Voice of Sanity “If I was really winning freedom and we take a look at the country we…

Knight of Cups [2015]: A Prince on a Quest

“Once the soul was perfect and had wings, it could sour into haven that only creatures with wings can be. But the soul lost its wings and fell to earth where it took a earthly body, now, while it lives in this body no outward sign of wings can be seen yet the roots of its wings are still there… and we see a beautiful woman or a man, the soul remembers the beauty it used to know in haven, and begins to spout and that makes the soul want to fly but it cannot yet it is still too weak so that man keeps staring up to the sky at a young bird, he lost all interest in the world around…”