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Badla Netflix

Badla Netflix [2019] Review – Acceptance Of Mediocrity

Badla is now streaming on Netflix If your thriller ends in a person peeling their goddamn face-off, revealing to be a completely different person of a different height, body composition and timber…

The 10 Best Hindi Films Of 2018

2018 turned out to be a really bad year for Hindi Cinema. While every year features a truck-load of crap, 2018 will be especially known for celebrating mediocrity. To me, there was…

Pink [2016] : Colouring them in shame

Pink raises some uncomfortable questions and truths about the world we live in. Uncomfortable because knowing or unknowingly most of us are also part of the world that’s in the wrong here. Pink leaves a deep cut on our conscience. It affects the judgement and also stares right into everyone whose notion about women is shrouded by cheap, mindless props or their own viciously unacceptable characterizations about them. Subtle and loud in equal measures, Aniruddha Roy Chatterjee’s Pink feels like a lesson on morality. But it also feels like a lesson that needs to be taught and at least, listened to.