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Carol [2015] : A Flawless film about troubled souls

The film is beautiful if you survive the heart break , emotional drainage by the end. Todd Haynes has masterfully crafted this drama with such deft direction that he uses close-ups skill-fully to transcend physicality to emotional culmination. Hayness leaves no stone unturned to get the 1950s feel right, and he syncs technical team like a magician.

Carol [2015]: An Emotional Gamut of Expressions

White man’s America is easily a well explored theme in cinema. Be it in the superhero universe (Captain America), TV space (Madmen and Masters of sex) or even Todd Hayne’s earlier work(far from heaven, it did had a glimpse of black man’s world as well). And why shouldn’t it be? It was the period of immense changes, that eventually set out to define generations to come. One such change was women getting into office jobs- they were becoming economically independent ever to explore the world