Every Alfonso Cuarón Film Ranked

Alfonso Cuarón or Alfie as he is lovingly called is one of the few Mexican who is a power-player among-st the currently active Hollywood filmmaker. His movies are not only reaching to the widest number of people and grossing largest number of figures but also being critically acclaimed. He holds the position of becoming the first Mexican director to ever win the Oscars for the best director category- winning it for Gravity in 2014.

Anomalisa [2015]: Catharsis on being and love

Why do we pray? Why do we bow? More or less it’s because we believe or at least anticipate that there is someone out there that’s listening. Someone is seeing every crack, fracture and imperfection you have, and is trying to heal. It’s scary to give into that belief, that thought of someone. What if that guy doesn’t has the best intention? What if he truly wants to hurt us? What if he sees all those imperfections, leave us hoping?

Carol [2015]: An Emotional Gamut of Expressions

White man’s America is easily a well explored theme in cinema. Be it in the superhero universe (Captain America), TV space (Madmen and Masters of sex) or even Todd Hayne’s earlier work(far from heaven, it did had a glimpse of black man’s world as well). And why shouldn’t it be? It was the period of immense changes, that eventually set out to define generations to come. One such change was women getting into office jobs- they were becoming economically independent ever to explore the world

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief [2015]

Going clear is a documentary but it works like a horror film because of the content it deals with. The structure of Scientology as deciphered by Alex Gibney through the interviews of multiple heads of the church who has now left the church due to the ‘assault’ inflicted upon them by the church is depicated quite effectively. The true horror comes with the revelation that people were doing what they were doing, however unethical and immoral it may be with full conscious and will.

Jean Vigo: The Man who achieved Poetry with Prosaic Words and Acts

We live in the time where we question ourselves every minute- in the name of existentialism – is it worth it ? So, here is a person who lived only for 29 years, struggled all his life, had to battle illness along with the financial crisis to make and release his films. His films live, breath and leaves an impression on hearts, minds and soul of its viewer more than 80 years after it has released. Probably, that answers all the existential question