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The 25 Best Films of 2015

We’re halfway through 2015, with July almost arriving, but I waited to finish watching all the possible good films of 2015 before I come up with a list that I totally find justified for my own taste. Here is a comprehensive list of the Best Films from 2015. Do not go bonking if you don’t see Son of Saul , The Revenant on the list or Spotlight in the Top 10. I loved both the films, and they ‘may’ deserve all the critical praise and love from the audiences but I didn’t find them better than other films that topped them.

15 Great Performances of 2015 not nominated at the 88th Academy Awards

Every year, it is not possible to accommodate every deserving performances in the Oscar categories of Acting. A large number of excellent performances by Film Actors and Actresses have been ignored, overlooked, snubbed, or passed over every year, and this year is no difference. Here are the 15 Great Performances of 2015 not nominated at the 88th Academy Awards that are worth mentioning, and treat to watch on the screen.

20 Must See Films at JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, 2015.

The Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image (MAMI) is one of the few bodies in our country that’s trying to and mostly succeeding in its attempt to bring renowned films from all over the globe at one single spot. The film students, genuine movie lovers and anyone who has ever loved the art of motion pictures religiously awaits The Mumbai Film Festival every year.
Following the tradition, the 17th annual Jio Mami is here. In addition to having a great deal of fascinating world cinema