The Afterparty (Season 2) Episode 5: Ever since the new season of “The Afterparty” started, British actor Jack Whitehall’s character, Sebastian, has been on the top of our list of suspects- for the murder of Edgar Minnows. In every episode, we have been betting on Sebastian being the big bad of the season. Naturally then, the latest episode focusing on his side of the story has been the most anticipated one. Staying true to Sebastian’s character, the show embraces the caper comedy genre for this one – and Whitehall gets the opportunity to deliver an arresting performance. But does it exonerate Sebastian? Let us find out.

The Afterparty (Season 2) Episode 5 Recap:

An American Boy With A Fake British Accent

Forever hustler Sebastian Drapewood meets Edgar Minnows at boarding school. To impress Edgar, Sebastian adapts this British accent in order to appear classy enough to be friends. But Edgar is smart enough to see through it. However, the two still become best of friends, which starts with Edgar beating Sebastian in a game of Connect Four and subsequently acquiring Sebastian’s prized possession – a misspelled baseball card. Years go by, and the two of them turn into ace scammers. With the backing of Edgar’s family’s money and Sebastian’s street-smarts, they run a lot of scams successfully. Their wealth keeps growing, and Edgar starts to store everything in a special safe at his office.

Why Did Sebastian Get Fired?

While it seemed like Edgar and Sebastian would stay best friends as well as business partners forever, destiny had other plans. Edgar’s growing interest in cryptocurrency spooks Sebastian, who secretly puts twenty percent of their wealth away just for safety reasons. But Edgar cannot stand someone lying to him, especially if that is his business partner. Naturally, he fires Sebastian as that is the only logical thing to do. However, Sebastian continues to remain Edgar’s best man at the wedding as Edgar does not believe in cutting off a friendship just because of their working relationship turning sour.

What Does Sebastian Plan?

Just like Edgar had no other choice but to fire Sebastian, the only way Sebastian could respond was to plan a heist where he robs all the wealth. So he plans accordingly by bringing his two cousins from the prison into the fold. The cousins, who were serving time for petty crimes, soon started to pose as a DJ and waiter at the wedding. Sebastian moves ahead with his plan, which is basically distracting Edgar and everyone else; then subsequently taking what is inside the safe. The day before the wedding, he goes to check the safe and comes across Travis in Edgar’s office, who is also checking out the safe. This only confirms Travis’ story – where he mentioned meeting Sebastian in Edgar’s office.

The Afterparty (Season 2) Episode 5 Ending Explained:

Did Sebastian Kill Edgar?

While his plan is impeccable, Sebastian faces one major hitch in it. He figures out a way to smuggle Roxana, who is needed to bypass the first layer of security of the safe. But the second layer would need a password, and while Sebastian manages to deduce that the password is the name of Edgar’s father’s horse, he cannot remember the name.

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 5 recap
Jack Whitehall in “The Afterparty,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

So he does whatever needs to be done to get that name. He visits Hannah in her tent with wine in hand, pretending to be all sad and mopey. Given Hannah also mentioned Sebastian visiting her, we conclude that Sebastian is telling the truth as of now.  When Hannah ignores his advances, he takes a chance on Isabel. However, that also goes south for him, and he gets thrown out of the room without a thread on his body. Naked and embarrassed, Sebastian runs to his quarters through the meadows and the bushes. That is when Aniq, Vivian, Feng, and Ulysses see him, which pretty much solves the naked man’s mystery.

Sebastian does figure out the password eventually, which happens to be “nutmeg.” After the wedding, he deliberately puts the idea of a first dance with her new husband in Grace’s head; so that his way to the safe gets cleared. When he sees Edgar participating in the dance, he quietly leaves for the ultimate execution. But Edgar realizes that Sebastian is up to something, and he follows. And Travis follows Edgar, as he suspects Edgar is involved in some bad shit. But one of Sebastian’s cousins hits Travis in the head on the way and knocks him out. However, he fails to stop Edgar.

Armed with the password, Sebastian has no problem opening the safe, where he is amazed to find that misspelled baseball card from his childhood. Realizing Edgar is standing right behind him, Sebastian tells him he is only there to take his possession. But Edgar refuses to give him the card as he won it fair and square years ago. However, he offers Sebastian the opportunity to win it back from him. Sebastian agrees, and the two play a game of Connect Four again. Edgar beats Sebastian, but he feels generous and gives his friend the card back, but only after tearing it apart and keeping the small part with him.

Sebastian later reveals to Danner and Aniq that he managed to change the actual card with a fake one, and he tricked Edgar with that. For a person who is a prime suspect in a murder case, Sebastian seems incredibly calm and cool while being under investigation. He also reveals to Danner that Ulysses was behaving suspiciously at the party after the wedding. He also mentions hearing Vivian and Ulysses talking about something in private. We are eventually going to find out everything about it, but that is not going to happen next week as we are shifting our focus to Danner now.

While we can confirm that our in-house detective is certainly not the murderer, she confesses to Aniq about having some sort of secret that has something to do with her leaving the job. It would be interesting to see how that becomes important in the main story.

Wild Killer Prediction:

Is it just a coincidence for the first season’s main villain, Yasper, to appear in the episode that is primarily focusing on Sebastian? Is this just a coincidence or a foreshadowing of something? So we are still going to put the money on Sebastian only.

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