The Afterparty (Season 2) Episode 4: Well, that was really sweet. We are talking about the fourth episode of the latest season of Apple TV’s murder comedy “The Afterparty” here, which presents us with Hannah’s version of the events. Despite the quirky premise and originality, “The Afterparty” always runs the risk of falling prey to its own genius. Because every episode offers you the same story, and if there’s a slight bit of repetitiveness, the show is done for good. Fortunately, that never seems to happen as it keeps giving and giving. While last week’s noir spin did not fully come as a rousing success, the show has definitely managed to score big in this week’s episode – by turning into a better Wes Anderson movie than anything Anderson has directed recently. Let us dig in.

The Afterparty (Season 2) Episode 4 Recap:

Hannah Minnows, aka the adopted sister of the now-dead Edgar Minnows, is now under the investigating eyes of the trio of Danner, Aniq, and Zoé. Given Zoé is the one responsible for finding out about Hannah’s poisonous flower, she is very much part of the team now. At her tent outside the house, Hannah shares her version of the events as she transports us into a world of colors and quirks, where she basically plays an adult version of Suzy Bishop from “Moonrise Kingdom” (2012).

A Forbidden Romance

As a child, Hannah Minnows was ignored by her adoptive parents, but thanks to her brother Edgar and their friend Sebastian, the childhood went by smoothly enough. The three were once inseparable, but when adult life kicked in, Sebastian went his own way, and while Edgar still loved his sister, he got busy with his secret endeavors. Hannah came to accepting that life was going to be filled with loneliness for her. Naturally, she embraced a lot of exciting hobbies, including gardening, archery, and an antique collection, in order to get through it.

Back in the present, Hannah meets Grace for the first time when Edgar and Grace present her with the typewriter. Thanks to Grace’s interest in everything from the old world, the two of them hit it off, and a new friendship beacon in Hannah’s life. Hannah, Grace, and Edgar keep hanging out altogether until Edgar starts to disappear, thanks to work commitments. That does not affect the two women much as they realize that their relationship has gone beyond the point of friendship, and it is clearly much more than that.

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Despite having the guilt of deceiving Edgar, the two do not stop pursuing their forbidden romance. But while Hannah starts to think about a future with the love of her life, Grace refuses to be on the same page as she would never hurt Edgar. A heartbroken Hannah accepts her fate, but upon meeting Funcle Ulysses, she decides not to give up on love and somehow stop the wedding. That is where Travis comes in.

Why Does Hannah Decide To Not Stop The Wedding?

Upon meeting Grace’s ex, Hannah deliberately flirts with him and entices the no-nonsense investigator to stop the wedding. This supports Travis’s story from last week’s episode, except the two characters were clearly perceiving the same thing differently, which you would expect in this show.

Hannah tries to convince Grace one last time during the rehearsal dinner, but Grace does not give in to it. Seeing no other option, she decides to put her plan in motion, which is basically Travis voicing his objection, and Hannah, who would be officiating the wedding, has no other option but to put a stop to the wedding. But when Aniq puts Edgar and Grace in the vow box, Hannah can hear Edgar’s vows and realizes that Edgar is genuinely in love with Grace. In fact, Hannah sees a side of her brother that Grace has brought into him, which makes her come to the conclusion that her dream of a life with Grace is not worth the misery Edgar will have to endure.

The Afterparty (Season 2) Episode 4
A still from The Afterparty (Season 2) Episode 4

Hannah completes officiating the wedding and decides to leave forever afterwards. She packs her bag methodically and plans to leave the morning after the wedding. At the after-party, she meets Edgar and gives him the “G” key from the typewriter as a keepsake.

The Afterparty (Season 2) Episode 4 Ending Explained:

Why Is Sebastian A Suspect?

Every week, we have been predicting Sebastian as the potential killer. This week’s episode only adds more volume to that theory, which also compels me to consider the possibility of someone else being the killer. But killer or not, there is a lot of shady business going around with Edgar’s best friend and business partner, with a charming accent.

While Hannah is sharing her account with Aniq and Danner, Sebastian asks Feng to help settle a business deal as the client happens to be Korean. Feng calls the client and smells something fishy is going on, but he does not tell Sebastian anything and pretends everything is okay. There is something cooking here, for sure, and it starts with Sebastian only.

On the night before the wedding, Sebastian visits Hannah’s tent with a bottle of wine, hoping to find physical comfort as she is losing a brother and him, a business partner. This is something we find out from Hannah’s version of events, from which Aniq and Danner deduct that Sebastian has been fired by Edgar. However, confirmation is still essential, and we have to wait for next week’s episode, which will finally put the light on Sebastian.

Some notes:

  • During investigating Hannah, Zoé bails out when Hannah reveals the truth about her and Grace. Zoé decides to investigate her sister on her own, and while Grace admits to having a romantic thing with Hannah, she mentions it as only a fling, which contradicts Hannah’s star-crossed lover’s story.
  • At the very end of the episode, Sebastian speaks to someone on the phone, and he literally impersonates Edgar. Dude is definitely up to something, even if he is not the killer. Or maybe the show just wants us to believe this?

Wild Killer Prediction:

At this point, suspecting Sebastian seems like the only logical choice. Especially why next week is going to be very interesting.

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