Possessed (2023) ‘Netflix’ Movie Ending Explained: Horror is a genre that works by making a viewer visit parts of their psyche that are often undiscovered and unpleasant. These films elicit fear through their script elements or stylistic depiction.

James Lee’s ‘Possessed’ (Original title: Rasuk) is a Malaysian horror flick that presents a scary, suspenseful tale of students caught up in a zombie attack. It relies highly on its atmospheric elements and embraces its dark nightscapes. They offer an obvious grittiness while the script barely scratches the surface in its thematic exploration.

Nevertheless, if you are in the mood to get spooked by bloodthirsty zombies, let’s find out what happens during the film’s duration.

Possessed (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The film begins with a scene that sets the tone for its entire duration. We see a student sitting in his dorm who suddenly finds the lights switched off. He wonders why that may have happened. Suddenly a guy, roughly around the same age, with visible scars on his face and red eyes, starts walking up to him. The student hides under the bed to save himself. But it seems like it was too late for him to save his life.

Then the film goes back in time to show some of the hostel boys enjoying a picnic in a forest. They are joined by Alia (Elisya Sandha) and Fiza (Alicia Amin). While Alia speaks with her mother on a call, Wari (Abbas Mahmood) keeps taking her pictures and has a crush on her. Her brother – Adli (Ikmal Amry), meanwhile, decides to enjoy his time swimming in the lake. Later, they all come together for lunch. But Wari is missing from their group.

Instead, he goes walking through the woods, hoping to get some good photographs. On his way, he stumbles upon an old bottle on the ground and gets curious about what’s inside. He opens its lead to find something strange coming out. The bottle falls down and cracks open, showing a dark pool of blood oozing. Then, he senses some sound from nearby and tries to trace it.

Meanwhile, their teacher – Nazmi (Alif Satar), is driving back to their school with a bandaged arm and looks low in spirits. At the school, Kak Yam (Bella Rahim) brings food for the students, which the security guard – Farid (Taufiq Hanafi), finds unnecessary. But he still allows her to go in. On her way out, she sees Nazmi coming in and wonders about the purpose of his return, even when he is on leave.

Nazmi then goes to meet the warden, and they speak about a terrible incident that happened in his life. He wants to take his mind off that tragedy, which is what brings him back to school. Since there’s emergency work, the warden also decides to call him first. While Nazmi does not mind taking responsibility for their students, he is not ready to resume his religious duties just yet. The unfortunate incident shook his belief and made him feel dejected. He goes back to his room and gets emotional seeing his family photo.

By that night, the boys return to their hostel and find the gate closed. So, they see no other option but to sneak inside. Sam (Syazwan Razak) is reluctant to do so, but he eventually agrees. While the girls drive back, they try to head to their room secretively. On his way, Wari stumbles upon a dark room and gravitates toward seeing what’s inside. Since the fear of the unknown spooks him, he decides to join the others. After he leaves, a creepy voice from inside calls out his name.

Back in their room, they find their teacher Nazmi and get worried about how to answer where they are. They cook up a lie that they were present at a prayer, which was crowded. But Nazmi was also present there and knows only seven students were present. So, as a punishment for sneaking out, he tells them to clean their toilet.

Possessed (Rasuk)

While the others joke around and perform this repulsive chore, Wari drifts away and has visions about the creepy things he witnessed before. He starts puking, and his temperature suddenly rises. His friends take him back to the dorm to make him get some rest. But he starts acting strangely, which appears like he is possessed.

Seeing the lights are out, Nazmi asks Farid about it. He gives a cursory reason since he isn’t sure what caused it either. So, Nazmi heads back to the dorm suspecting the students having something to do with it. He stumbles upon Nik and learns about Wari’s condition. Back in his room, Wari starts coughing blood, suddenly becoming unconscious. The next moment, he turns into a bloodthirsty zombie-like creature.

Wari’s transformation alarms the students. Since they had the same food, it would not be the cause for his strange behavior. After contemplating its cause, Nazmi starts thinking of a way out of it. Meanwhile, bloodthirsty Wari attacks one of them while the others have no idea about it. They wander around looking for their friend showing strange symptoms, with no awareness of what he is up to.

Adli tries calling Alia to tell her about Wari’s sickness. He alerts her that they are in danger. But due to poor reception, he cannot communicate it to her clearly. Right after, Wari attacks him, and Adli tries to fight back. But his arm gets wounded in their tussle. Meanwhile, Alia senses something bad happening in the hostel and asks Fiza to drive back. They come back to find it consumed in darkness.

Adli goes back to his friends, who all see his wound. They start theorizing whether this infection spreads through similar bites. Wari keeps walking through the corridor, writing the sermon with his blood, like what he saw in the woods during their picnic. Alia and Fiza enter the premises and eventually come across a bloodthirsty zombie which attacks them. Nazmi arrives there right on time. He points his torchlight at the zombie’s eyes and scares it away.

Due to Wari’s bite, Adli starts having visions the way Wari did. Meanwhile, Alia and Fiza return to meet the boys and learn what happened to her brother. Kechik tells her about Adli’s condition, and she starts crying out loud. Since Nazmi and Farid are also in the room, they decide to stop the students’ internal fights and try to find a way out of this horror.

Since the zombies can’t look at the light, Nazmi tells Fiza to repair their generator so that their lights will be back on. He then splits themselves into teams to work out a solution. Meanwhile, Adli goes up to Wari and starts apologizing. Wari promises a solution for his torment and speaks out a sermon, which makes Adli possessed.

Fiza goes to the generator room with Farid to repair it. Sam and Kechik go to the storeroom to bring patrol and the required tools. Sam suddenly departs, and Kechik runs back while a few zombies follow him. Subsequently, Sam goes to Nik’s room and lies that Kechik is dead. He asks Sam for help to get to the highway to escape this hellhole for good. They try to run away, but the zombies start attacking them.

Nazmi and Alia look around their corridors and stumble upon Adli, who is now possessed. He attacks Nazmi, who fights back and saves himself. Then he heads toward Alia and tries to strangle her. But he suddenly stops himself due to their emotional connection. For a moment, he speaks like the normal him. Then suddenly, he starts having visions, walks up to the balcony, and drops himself down.

Zombies circle around Adli’s dead body and look up at Nazmi and Alia. Sensing that they are looking for their next victims, they both start running away for their lives. Meanwhile, Kechik reaches the generator room with tools, but the zombies still follow him. Farid fights back with them while the two students manage to sneak inside the room and save themselves from getting bitten.

Possessed (2023) ‘Netflix’ Movie Ending, Explained:

Do the students survive the zombie attack?

While trying to fulfill their mission, a zombie attacks Nazmi. Both of them enter a room where they place protective markings to prevent further assault. Alia gets emotional, thinking that there is no safe out for them now. Soon after, Wari starts speaking with Nazmi offering him a way out of his suffering. He asks Nazmi to follow his way to enlightenment so that he won’t need to suffer anymore. Alia asks what kind of suffering Wari is speaking about. That’s when Nazmi opens up about his accident.

He was driving his wife and two kids on his leave for a fun trip. Even when it was hectic for him, he did not mind giving them that time. While ruminating over this trip, he loses focus on the road, and a truck hits them. Only he survives this terrible accident and feels terrible that they could not. But because he is about to become possessed, he decides to save Alia as a gesture.

What happens to Nazmi?

While the zombies start approaching Nazmi, he bombs up their room, killing them all. He decides to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Meanwhile, Fiza manages to repair the generator and get out with the lights on. The students are taken to the hospital, and the news channels advise citizens not to spread any rumors related to this incident. However, even in the hospital room, the students seem to be still possessed. The ending hints at how this terrifying reality will continue to follow all of them.

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