Vinland Saga (Season 2), Episode 10: Recap & Ending Explained

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 10 Recap Ending Explained

Vinland Saga (Season 2), Episode 10: Vinland Saga puts the spotlight on the returning Canute in its latest episode and shows us how much he has changed from the character we knew before whilst also giving us the first signs of his plot thread connecting with Thorfinn’s. 

Vinland Saga (Season 2), Episode 10 Recap:

At the beginning of the episode, Einar and Thorfinn are shown cutting down trees and taking turns chopping a particularly thick one. Eventually, they succeed in cutting down the tree, marking the end of their labor to clear the forest for their freedom, and it took them over three years since the day Einar arrived.

It is revealed that they are just one harvest away from being able to purchase their freedom and even get some change back from the next harvest. Thorfinn questions Einar about his plans after gaining freedom. But Einar is unsure as he has no family to return to and is worried about Arnheid. Einar expresses his desire for Arnheid to be free, but Thorfinn reminds him that Ketil does not intend to release her from slavery.

Einar then asks Thorfinn if he plans to return to Iceland, which Thorfinn confirms is likely. Furthermore, Einar observes that Thorfinn appears uncertain about his future plans, leading Thorfinn to retort that Einar is just as unsure. Einar reflects on how strange it feels to be in their current state of uncertainty so close to their freedom.

Thorfinn expresses his desire to eliminate war and slavery from the world, asking Einar if he thinks it’s possible. Einar replies that it sounds like a dream. Their conversation is interrupted when Ketil and Olmar arrive on horseback, the former congratulating them on their progress. Ketil then reveals some good news: once the seeds are sown, Einar and Thorfinn will finally be free, earlier than planned.

Ketil informs Einar and Thorfinn that they will have to wait for his return as he inquires if they have seen his father, Sverkel, for whom he has a message. Moreover, Ketil intends to visit King Harald at his palace in Jelling. However, he assures them he will return in time for the planting season. Before departing, Ketil offers Einar and Thorfinn the opportunity to continue working for him as farmhands once they attain their freedom. He commends their diligence and hard work, urging them to consider his proposal.

Then, the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:9-11 is displayed on the screen, following which we shift to Canute, who is also going to King Harald’s palace via ship. He arrives at a town where Canute is approached by a soldier named Wulf, who updates him on his brother’s condition. Wulf reports that Harald’s health has been deteriorating over the past month, rendering him unable to speak. When Canute inquires about Harald’s life expectancy, Wulf reveals that the next few days are crucial, according to the doctors’. The conversation then shifts toward a group of children playing a ball game nearby. Canute notes that the game was one that Harald excelled at as a child.

Canute reminisces about playing a childhood game with his brother Harald and advisor Ragnar. A flashback sequence shows the young Canute and Harald playing the game, with Canute falling and Harald urging him to get up on his own. In the present day, Canute reflects on how the palace was rife with feuding over who would succeed their father, while Harald remained indifferent, concluding that he was a good, kind man. The ball from their childhood game rolls to his feet. However, he becomes disturbed when he sees it as the head of his father, Sweyn, whom he is responsible for killing.

At this point, the narrator details how Harald and Canute received their territories from their father, with Harald inheriting Denmark and Canute inheriting England. Despite their different kingdoms, their relationship was amicable, with Harald even providing direct support to Canute’s English conquest by sending ships. However, Harald’s health declined after Canute became King of England, and his fate became uncertain with no heirs.

Canute enters a room where his sister Estrid and his seemingly unconscious brother Harald wait. He pays his respects to Harald, but Harald suddenly wakes up and tells Canute that Denmark is his. Canute brushes it off, telling Harald to rest and get well. But Harald suddenly turns into an imaginary version of their father, Sweyn, accusing Canute of poisoning him.

In his mind, Sweyn accuses Canute of poisoning his brother Harald and laughs at him for being able to lie like he doesn’t know what’s going on. Sweyn reminds Canute that they used to get along well and could have ruled the world together. But now, Canute’s ambition is to be the king of Denmark as well. Sweyn calls it a curse of the crown and says that by wearing the crowns of England and Denmark, Canute will suffer twice as much as he did.

Estrid shakes him out of it, and Canute returns to his room.

Vinland Saga (Season 2), Episode 10 Ending, Explained:

He is alone when a maid shows up with food and drinks at nighttime, per Estrid’s orders. However, he sends her away, fearing poisoning, for which the head of Sweyn mocks him.

Canute retorts by calling his father mischievous for appearing in broad daylight, but Sweyn rebuts by saying that the curse is growing stronger if Canute can see him during the day. The servant, who is still present, questions if Canute is speaking to himself, but he dismisses her and asks her to leave.

Canute asserts that unifying the nation is crucial for creating a utopia, and Harald’s death is necessary because having two kings causes trouble. Sweyn expresses surprise and praises Canute for thinking like a true king. Canute bursts into laughter and admits to Sweyn that he once despised him and wished for his death. Canute then reflects on the irony that Sweyn is now the only one he can speak to candidly and suggests that they should be friends as two cursed individuals. Sweyn vanishes as Canute puts on his crown and reminisces about his childhood with his brother. However, Sweyn calls Harald away from their game to attend a war council, but Canute is still happy and in awe of his brother.

A young Harald then hands the ball to Canute and urges him to grow up stronger than their father and both. Canute agrees, which pleases Harald, who then leaves to join his father and the others. In the present day, Canute is seen gazing out at the courtyard where he and Harald used to play.

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