The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (2023) Movie Ending Explained: How does Vicaria stop her monster?

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster Ending Explained

“The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster,” Bomani Story’s most recent movie, is a moving look at identity, empowerment, and the road to self-discovery, all of which are woven together in a unique way. The movie could have been endlessly fascinating, but as the second part of the movie kicks in, it starts to lose its power. It gives hints of a very interesting denouement from the beginning. However, after the monster is revealed, the story gets a bit convoluted. Now let’s talk in detail about what happens in the movie.

*Spoilers Ahead*

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis

The film starts with Vicaria grabbing her brother Chris’s dead body and bringing it into a place that she calls her laboratory. She is a promising young scientist who thinks death is a disease that can be cured with prominent scientific methods. The reason behind such thinking is that Vicaria has known death since childhood. Her mother was shot, her brother followed the same fate, and now her father is showing the signs, which she calls symptoms of death. She has had enough and wants to cure death with her mad approach toward science.

Soon, you get a Frankenstein vibe in the film. Vicaria collects the dead body from the neighborhood and cuts off the skin and flesh to make Chris as fresh as possible. Since right after the death, the body starts decaying, Vicaria collects numerous bodies to make Chris’s body as fresh as possible. She makes the heart run by putting electricity into it. But again and again, she fails to make Chris’s whole body work. Her obsession with death attracts attention in the school. But her father, Donald, lets her daughter’s free thinking grow. However, soon he will pay the price for it.

How did Vicaria create the Monster?

Chris was killed because he was working for a local gang and was sent to kill some members of a rival gang. The man who sent him to do the job is Kango, the leader of the gang. Soon another boy named Jerome joins the Kango gang. Vicaria knows that Jerome is just a boy and he should be going to school rather than involving such criminal-minded people. Soon someone shoots Jerome, and he breathes his last in front of her eyes. The doctors try to bring him back to life with CPR. Jerome gets back to life for a moment, but soon he dies.

This somehow intrigues Vicaria to think about how Chris can be brought back to life. She understands while watching the doctors give CPR to Jerome that the amount of electricity she is putting into Chris’s body is not enough. She needs more current directly aimed toward Chris’s body so that all the muscles are fueled with electricity, and only then can her plan work. For this, she needs two separate tools: one that will steal the electricity and the other that will make it go through Chris’s dead body.

Vicaria goes along with her plans. She accumulates a huge amount of electricity in one place and then points it in the direction of Chris’s body. Everything goes according to plan, and Vicaria is finally able to create a Frankenstein of her own—only this time, it is Chris, her beloved brother. But things started to go beyond her control, and Chris fails to recognize himself. He starts attacking because he is confused about his existence. He fails to remember Vicaria. A petrified Vicaria locks her lab from the outside and runs away.

What does Vicaria’s monster do in the Neighborhood?

Before locking up Chris inside the lab, Vicaria tells him that she will take him to the one who is responsible for his death. She brings him to one of the cars that Kango uses to hide his drugs and steals it. Meanwhile, Curtis comes to the scene and sees Vicaria stealing drugs. Curtis, one of Kango’s loyal members, tries to stop her. Chris interferes at that moment, which results in a very severe injury to Curtis.

The news spreads soon, and the following morning, Vicaria ends up facing Kango. He threatens her to return the drugs she stole last night. But Vicaria faces more problems, as she soon finds out that Chris has broken the lab’s lock and is missing. Soon his sightings are heard, and Vicaria is scared to death thinking of facing him. On the other hand, Chris starts killing whoever comes his way. He is looking for his family, but his face is completely burned by the experiment that went wrong.

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

A still from The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster.
A still from The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster.

How does Vicaria stop her monster?

Vicaria will soon find out that Chris is trying to talk to Jada, her youngest sister. She makes Chris feel comfortable, and this starts to bother Vicaria. She goes to Chris’s house after Jada tells her where he lives. Chris is looking for his family and ends up at Vicaria’s house, where he used to live. When Donald, Vicaria, and Chris’s father come to the house, he finds Chris sitting on the bed. Soon, Donald figures out that this isn’t Chris and tells him to leave. Chris kills Donald without even knowing it because he feels threatened by him.

Later, Chris kills everyone in the family except Jada and Vicaria. Chris tries to make them think he’s back, but his burned face and scary clothes make everyone try to get rid of him. Eventually, Kango comes to help Vicaria kill Chris, who has become a monster. Vicaria figures out that if she can make the same amount of electricity that brings Chris back, it could also kill him. But she can’t make power without the two tools.

Kango helps her get the instrument from her room to the living room. But in the process of doing this, he ends up alone with Chris. He is badly hurt, and he dies after giving the instrument to Vicaria. Vicaria goes to her lab and sets up all of the tools. When Chris comes after her, she turns on the tools. The monster is finally killed as the electricity runs through Chris’s body. Vicaria, who made a big deal about Chris coming back, now causes his second death.

Are Vicaria’s Methods Proven to be Wrong?

Vicaria learns quickly that there is no way to stop death. But she remembers the mistake she made when she was trying to bring Chris back. She used rotting meat and skin, which made the monster come to life. She used the skin and organs of numerous people. His own memories are perhaps blurred under all the memories of those people, which is why Chris didn’t recognize anyone close to him. Everything inside the body had gone bad. But Vicaria’s other family members were killed recently, and their bodies are still warm, which means they are all new.

So, she uses the same method on her pregnant sister Aisha. To her surprise, both Aisha and her baby son come back to life. Vicaria thinks at first that this won’t work, but Aisha recognizes herself and everyone around her. Vicaria finally figures out how to stop dying. She will bring everyone to life one by one, except for Chris. Chris has been dead for a long time, so it’s time to stop thinking about him and instead remember the good times he had with his family. Vicaria now thinks that she will use her science questions in a more useful manner.

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